Tonight We Ride – Of The West (CD)

“Cain Station” starts out with some nice multi-part harmonies that seem to take use of Pennywise, Against Me, and even This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, ensuring that listeners will sing along after a listen or two. “Drink Myself Into Oblivion” straddles the line between country, punk, and bar-rock. Fans of acts as wide as Mojo Nixon, Rehab, and even Hank the IIIrd will find something to caterwaul on about here. “Prelude To Hell on Earth” allows the instruments a moment to shine, with pacing reminiscent of Bad Religion and dramatic action similar to At The Drive-In and Fugazi working together to make a haunting track that belies any humorous undertones that the band may have.

“Find My Way Home” is a hot track, full of vim and vigor – the vocals call forth the Misfits and the aforementioned Pennywise as the swirling guitar eddies and splashy drums keep the heaviness going nicely. “Other Side of the Wall” goes back to the acoustic / country-infused well, but stands as the disc’s most emotional effort. The sheer anger and (still) desire of the lead singer burns well above the acoustic trappings that were laid down on the track; anyone that listens to the track will be able to find something in common with the lead vocalist. “Heaven Can Wait” allows the bass some time up front, as the vocals come forth as some sort of hybrid of “Dominated Love Slave”-style Green Day and Duane Peters.

“Cash Money” finishes up the album, and it may be the most intense track to be had during “Of The West”. The band that burns twice as bright burns half as fast, and I would have to believe that this applies to Tonight We Ride. The band is so strong that they could have attached four or five more tracks to “Of The West” without the disc suffering in the slightest, but their decision to do so has made this album on of thee best punk efforts thtat I have heard this year. If you like punk that is not afraid to take on odd genres and is able to take itself likely, you will like “Of The West”.

Top Tracks: Drink Myself Into Oblivion, Prelude To Hell On Earth

Rating: 8.5/10

Tonight We Ride – Of The West / 2009 Self / 11 Tracks /

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