Tornado Outbreak (Nintendo Wii)

Tornado Outbreak has players tapped to create through destruction; in that sense, the title seems to take a little from Katamari Damacy more than anything. The story line present in the title has players step into the shoes of Zephyr, an understudy to the wind god Nimbus, who gains abilities and finds items through creating mass destruction. In order to take down the massive objects and skyscrapers that dot the landscape, players are required to take up smaller, less offensive things. However, the process from small to big is one that will keep players motivated while not creating too much in the way of stress.

Unlike the aforementioned Katamari line, Tornado Outbreak’s action seems to be much more realistic – there is dirt and dust kicked up by your whirlwind, while buildings do not simply stick to one’s tornado. While gaining size and strength is a fun enough piece of Tornado Outbreak, players have to be thorough as well, lest they not complete the stage. This is due to the fact that Fire Fliers have to be absorbed by Zephyr, and they have all but buried themselves in the landscape. However, the free-form destruction present in this title is not the only outlet players will have. Rather, the racing stages – Vortex Races – allows for variation and further replay value to be added.

This increase in the replay value is further bolstered with the Totem (boss) Battles that players will be thrown into. Sandbox games usually have some sort of problem creating enough for players to do with the immense backdrops that have been created, but Tornado Outbreak is a title that provides more than enough activities and different skills to do just that. This Wii title provides players with a little more of a semblance of actually being a tornado that was present in the more traditional versions of the title, so make sure to go for the Wii version if funds are limited.

Rating: 8.1/10

Tornado Outbreak (Nintendo Wii) / 2009 Konami /

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