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While his recently released album, So Much To Say, is steadily building buzz and gaining accolades from fans and critics alike, singer, writer, and producer Rob Murat felt this the perfect opportunity to speak directly with fans and give some love back for all their continued support. To do just that, Rob recently took a stroll through his home streets of New York City to let fans get to better know the man behind the music. Touching topics ranging from live shows, fan support, what it takes to be successful, Michael Jackson and more, it quickly becomes clear that in the current climate of independent, DIY musicianship, Rob Murat is a strong, informed voice, and one that needs to be heard. Speaking on the importance of the live show, Rob says, “Why should people pay to see you perform when there’s hundreds of other artists out there, just in this city alone?” Being an Ivy League graduate, Rob also understands that musical talent and show bravado is only one aspect of what it takes to be successful. “At the end of the day it’s drive,” Rob states. “You gotta want it, you gotta have that hunger.” With his undeniable talent and a go-getter attitude, there is no doubt it’s only a matter of time before Rob Murat is a household name. Rob Murat’s So Much To Say is available now via Quench Entertainment.

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The Background:

Rob Murat. a Queens-born Ivy-League graduate, has emerged as a leader within the resurgence of independent artists. With a childhood immersed in a wide array of musical influences, from hip hop, pop, and R&B to Caribbean, jazz and even classical, Rob developed a vigorous passion for music relatively early in life. Listening to Rob Murat’s music is like traveling back to the future. The freshness of his sound is reminiscent of the icons that paved the way before him, yet it pushes forward with a unique flavor that hints at something never quite heard before. Sold out crowds at New York’s Joe’s Pub, Drom, and S.O.B.’s, Philadelphia’s World Café Live, and Boston’s Paradise Lounge, have all experienced Rob’s captivating execution firsthand. His sound and style lay a foundation that often flirt with rich tones and live instrumentation, yet at the same time display hip-hop sensibilities that pique the interest of the urban listener. Rob’s recent accolades include collaborations with Grammy Award winning producer Devo Springsteen (Kanye West, John Legend) and hip-hop group Kidz in the Hall, appearances on FOX and BET J TV broadcasts, and the Lennon Award in the R&B category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Under his very own production company, Quench Entertainment Group Inc., Rob has achieved music placements on nationwide Verizon Wireless radio ads, ESPN, and TV One series. His latest recording project, So Much to Say, has earned industry-wide acclaim and boasts appearances by emcee/singer, Amanda Diva (Def Poetry Jam, MTV2), J. Ivy (Def Poetry Jam, Kanye West’s College Dropout), and rising hip-hop artist, Blitz the Ambassador.


Walk Through NYC With Rob Murat”

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