When Summer’s Gone – December (CD)

“Ocean Boulevard” needs nothing more than a guitar to fully set the mood of the rest of the track. When Summer’s Gone immediately lurches forth with a blend of styles that uses bits of hard rock, emo, metal, and even hardcore to create something hard-edged while still possessing of a heart. Where the overall track is one that could easily make it onto rock rotation radio, I feel that some sides of the band shine even brighter. Of particular note here would have to be the guitars and drums, which mesh complexity with an easily-approachable sound that all can appreciate. “Welcome Home” churns in the deep end while approaching a brighter, almost progressive-type of sound at the high end; listeners will have to give this track a number of spins to understand what all When Summer’s Gone is attempting to do here.

When Summer’s Gone has another hit on their hands with “Hangover”, a darker and more emotive effort than “Ocean Boulevard. During this track, When Summer’s Gone sets listeners adrift with a rich set of vocals that lay out a similarly-detailed narrative. The melodious vocals will have listeners swaying and utterly beholden to the band; “Hangover” shows all that When Summer’s Gone can continually impress with different approaches. A number of acts currently on rotation and idolized by the nation’s youth can only craft a certain type of music, but When Summer’s Gone goes well beyond that and makes music that listeners can love in a virtually limitless sphere ofr sounds, styles, genres, and approaches.

“Echoes” is the final track on “December”, and the added time afforded the track by When Summer’s Gone allows them to showcase an epic effort. The slower tempo of the track deftly weaves together “Pretty Hate Machine”-era Nine Inch Nails with Three Days Grace and current hard rock that soon after opens up to an “Estranged”-quality opus. When Summer’s Gone has definitely ended their “December” with an exclamation point, ensuring that anyone that finishes up the album will be hungering for the follow-up.

Top Tracks: Welcome Home, Resolution in D

Rating: 8.0/10

When Summer’s Gone – December / 2009 Self / 8 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/whensummersgone

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