Yukon Blonde Release Their Debut EP, & Hit The Road for a 26 Date Coast To Coast Tour

Yukon Blonde is Jeff Innes, Brandon Scott, Adam Newton, and Graham Jones – a band from the rolling hills of Kelowna, a city that enjoys, and is cursed by its own burgeoning scene. Going under the name AlphaBaby from early 2005 until late 2008, the band has conquered their fair city and toured through Canada extensively, playing some 300 shows whilst performing alongside bands such as Ladyhawk, The Constantines, Jon-Rae Fletcher, Magnolia Electric Co, Black Mountain, and Women. As AlphaBaby, (then a quintet) the band also released two EPs: “You Gentle Crustacean”, recorded by Colin Stewart of The Hive Creative Labs in Vancouver BC, and “AlphaBaby Live”, a bootleg by dear friend Kaylub Burke.

A band that borrows from the best; looking for influence in 60’s rock harmonies, thick yet simple hooks, and depression-era furniture upholstery, they have been compared to Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby/Stills/Nash, and America. Yukon Blonde was formed by Innes, Scott, Jones, and Newton out of their love of nostalgic music and a need to make new sound in a screaming town.

After returning from a cross-Canada tour with Jon-Rae Fletcher, Yukon Blonde recorded their debut full length album as well as a short 4-song EP titled “Everything In Everyway”, both of which were co-produced by Shawn Cole who has previously worked with Bend Sinister, YSP!WSD!, and Wintermitts. The EP will be released on October 6th across Canada. The full length album will follow in February 2010.

Everything In Everyway is an exciting collection of songs, showcasing for the first time Yukon Blonde’s sound. With an extensive tour coming up for the fall, and eighteen minutes of recorded music on the EP, Yukon Blonde hopes to get your attention.

Yukon Blonde “Everything In Everyway” Coast to Coast Tour Dates

Oct 11/09 – Toronto, ON – Sunday Night Live
Oct. 13/09 – Kingston, ON – The Living Room
Oct. 16/09 – Ottawa, ON – Mavericks
Oct. 17/09 – Alliston, ON – Groundswell
Oct. 18/09 – Guelph, ON – The Albion
Oct. 22/09 – Halifax, NS – Halifax POP Explosion
Oct. 23/09 – Fredericton, NB – The Capital
Oct. 25/09 – Windsor, ON – The Phog Lounge
Oct. 26/09 – London, ON – The Black Shire Pub
Oct. 28/09 – Toronto, ON – The Supermarket
Nov 12/09 – Vancouver, BC – The Black Heart Procession

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