The Swellers post new tour video


1 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom ^

2 – Chico, CA – Senator Theatre ^

3 – San Francisco, CA – Grand Ballroom ^

4 – Los Angeles, CA – House of Blues ^

5 – Pomona, CA – The Glass House ^

6 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues ^

7 – Phoenix, AZ – Marquee Theatre ^

9 – Dallas, TX – Grenada Theater ^

10 – New Orleans, LA – House of Blues ^

11 – Orlando, FL – House of Blues ^

12 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Revolution ^

13 – Tampa, FL – The Ritz ^


* supporting Paramore

^ supporting Less Than Jake

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P.O.S. – December Tour

12/1/09 – Boston, MA – House Of Blues
12/2/09 – University Park, PA – Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State
12/3/09 – Allentown, PA – Crocodile Rock Cafe
12/4/09 – Washginton, DC – 9:30 Club
12/5/09 – Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue**
12/6/09 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
12/8/09 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
12/9/09 – Saint Petersburg, FL – State Theatre
12/10/09 – Lake Buena Vista, FL – House of Blues Orlando
12/12/09 – Dallas, TX – The Door
12/13/09 – Houston, TX – Meridian
12/14/09 – Mission, TX – Las Palmas Race Park
12/15/09 – San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit
12/17/09 – Tucson, AZ – The Rock
12/18/09 – Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theatre
12/19/09 – San Diego, CA – SOMA
12/20/09 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues Anaheim

** Doomtree Blowout feat. P.O.S.

“A big-hearted rapper with skills” NY Times

““Never Better,” is an early candidate for best hip-hop album of 2009. P.O.S. has bona fide star quality; it’s easy to imagine him achieving the same level of mainstream success as Mos Def or Common.” – Metromix

“Minneapolis’s P.O.S.{is} a double threat: a fluid rapper incensed at the state of the nation and a riveting performer.” – Boston Globe

“P.O.S. has saved hip hop. Never Better is amazing and likely to be the best hip-hop album of 2009.” – Alarm



Fire Divine – It’s All a Blur

Hey, someone actually got a press release right when they compared a band to other, more famous ones. Indeed, Fire Divine does sound like Weezer, no fooling about it. Where Weezer would like to go and make pop tunes based off what has been popular in the past, Fire Divine experiments with the general sound and the popular “screamo” sound of the day to make an interesting take on Frankenstein’s monster. The bipolar vocal attack of Fire Divine is the standout facet of the band: while Ian puts on eir’s best Rivers Cuomo voice during much of this all-too-short EP, the screamo (think of Senses Fail) element provides a very vivid contrast to the former vocals. The guitar wash on some of the tracks seems to be a little hackneyed, including those sloppy-distortion lines during the epic “Smoke and Mirrors”. When the solo finally comes in to relieve these lines, the track immediately moves into a much more open and skygazing mode, a different movement in the symphony that is “Smoke and Mirrors”.

“Clark and Rightwood” is the high point of the disc, starting “It’s All A Blur” with so much excess energy, burning out much sooner than the rest of the disc, barely eking out two and half minutes of indie-rock fury. The breakdowns in “Reputation Outlives Application” are masterfully executed, going from the angsty energy of futility to a heart-felt type of crooning. Overall, I see Fire Divine as a band that hasn’t completely made their mind up about the sound they wish to have or the direction they wish to take, and as such, show their influences a little too heavily on this recording. Hints of brilliances shine through on this recording, but are littered among a lot of half-hashed-out ideas.

Remembering that the band only has about 16 minutes of music to their name at this current point, I don’t know if I am personally seeing all to Fire Divine that there is to see. From my review of This Is How I Kill My Tears, here are more indepth views on “Smoke and Mirrors” and “Reputation Outlives Application”: “Smoke and Mirrors”, a disconcerting track in the overly fuzzy guitars and bizarre time signatures. But, like a phoenix arisen from the ashes, an incredibly melodic guitar line cuts through the fuzz, aiming directly into individuals’ hearts with a solo that plays along with a piano. The epic qualities of the band come to fruition with “Reputation Outlives Application”, mixing Strike Anywhere/Inquisition with Coheed and Cambria and Atreyu.

Top Track : Clark and Rightwood

Rating: 6.4/10

Fire Divine – It’s All a Blur / 4 Tracks / 2004 Deep Elm Records / / Released 6 April 2004 / Reviewed 26 March 2004


aving topped myriad “Best Of” lists in 2008 with their widely acclaimed sophomore album, The Midnight Organ Fight, Glasgow’s Frightened Rabbit returns with their anticipated third album, The Winter Of Mixed Drinks. The follow-up to their breakthrough LP will be released worldwide in March 2010 on FatCat Records. The record’s first taste, “Swim Until You Can’t See Land,” is followed by a 7-inch b/w “Fun Stuff” on December 8.

The Rabbit’s jangly, anthemic sophomore album earned them critical adoration; among those bestowing it with best-of-the-year laurels were Village Voice’s Pazz & Jop Poll, The Onion, Magnet, and Pitchfork, who also designated album opener, “The Modern Leper,” one of “The Best Tracks of 2008” as well as one of its “Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s.” Upon its unveiling, the foursome’s newest offering, “Swim Until You Can’t See Land,” made instant waves online, with gushing: “We suggest you find a quiet spot this afternoon, turn your desk speakers up and drink it all in.”

Following an exciting but exhausting year, lead Rabbit Scott Hutchison retreated to the harbor town of Crail, along Scotland’s Fyfe coastline, and was inspired to pen “Swim,” an undeniably catchy song about “losing your mind in order to rest the mind and the body.” The track, buoyed by chiming guitars and a shuffling beat, builds and swells as it progresses, bolstered by a sweeping string arrangement courtesy of fellow FatCat artist Hauschka.

According to Hutchison, “Swim” is the natural lead-in to the album: “It’s the one that sort of sums up the record for me,” he reveals. “I had the song’s title in my mind before I even started writing the album; I was becoming more and more interested in the idea of a rejection of the habits and behavior most people see as normal, and in turn embracing a certain madness. This is not necessarily a geographical journey, as the ‘swim’ can involve any activity in which you can lose yourself. It’s a good introduction to the record as the theme unravels therein.”

Nautical references continue throughout the album, interwoven among recurring themes of wearied endurance, recaptured freedom, and redemption. “Thematically, this record had to be different from the last,” explains Hutchison. “Nobody wanted to hear more break-up songs, and thankfully, I no longer had any in me.”

While a failed relationship may not be the centerpiece of this new collection, the songs retain some of the solemnity of previous efforts. “I think even the most upbeat moments on the record are conveyed in somewhat dark language,” Hutchison admits.

Frightened Rabbit will be touring the UK through the end of the year, with a string of headlining gigs followed by a weeklong run in Ireland and England with Modest Mouse.

A full North American tour is planned for the album’s release.

Mean Creek Tour Dates with the Whigs & the Features

Dec 5 – Rhythm & Brews – Chattanooga, TN
Dec 6 – Farm 255 – Athens, GA**
Dec 8 – Visulite – Charlotte, NC
Dec 10 – Black Cat – Washington, DC
Dec 11 – The Fillmore – NY, NY
Dec 12 – North Star – Philadelphia, PA
Dec 14 – Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC
Dec 15 – Pour House – Charleston, SC

“Last month we debuted the first single from Boston indie rock quintet Mean Creek. Now the upstart group have an official video to share with you all for the ’90s-esque “Light Into Dark.” In the slick montage, shots of the band playing live are interspersed alongside meticulous birthday cake making from vocalist/guitarist Chris Keene. I won’t spoil the ending but I’ll say this: it gets a tad messy. Baking has never been cooler.”

“Mean Creek shows an awful lot of poise on its second album, The Sky (or the Underground)…. Let’s hope the rest of the country discovers what those crowds in Boston already know: Mean Creek is the genuine article.”

The Racket
The quartet, known as Mean Creek aren’t exactly pussies….Then again, most bands don’t put out an album like this.”

The Chicagoist
And it’s when the group is in “epic” mode that they are most successful…. It’s nice to hear a band reaching upward without resorting to overwrought clichés.”

“An amalgamation of genres spanning from New Wave to 60s Americana to Stoner Rock all in the space of 10 tracks… An understated, lyrically complex, genre filled triumph”

Amie Street
“After garnering some attention at this year’s SXSW for their inspiring sound and pleasing harmonies, Boston folk-rockers Mean Creek bring us their second release for Old Flame Records. On The Sky (Or The Underground) the quartet tempers their hard rock with an earnest folk sensibility, harnessing that familiar American musicality to say something meaningful while making you want to bang your head at the same time”

The Boston Globe raves
“The Sky (or the Underground)’’ is destined to be one of the best local releases of the year. It’s an album of pathos and heartbreak, of big questions about life and mortality that go largely unanswered and unresolved. The title track, for instance, can be heard as a meditation on the order of things both natural and cosmic; hope and futility bundled into a four-minute format.

Ryan’s Smashing Life chimes in
The very definition of a great cross-over band, Mean Creek are capable of rocking you to a restful sleep and rocking the ever loving hell of out you. Easily one of the most talented bands we have come across in the last few years…one of our favorite acts right now!
“Mean Creek commence a sharp blend of country-core”

The Boston Globe
“And with a clutch of splendid, heart-tugging melodies, Mean Creek, a striking foursome from Boston that opened the night, had a touch of the epic.”

Boston Phoenix
“a local folksy, roots-leaning rock four-piece named after the award-winning indie film —
meld sartorially as well as musically…”

Improper Bostonian
“One of the top 10 bands you must hear right now!”

The Boston Herald
“A melodic tour de force”

The Boston Globe
Mean Creek’s folksy Simon & Garfunkel harmonies anchor a sound that alternates between jangling and overdriven guitars. This could be the best lineup in Boston.”

More about Mean Creek
Mean Creek’s new release,The Sky (Or The Underground), is a valiant, dynamic effort to resurrect Boston’s relevance back to a time when bands like the Pixies, Throwing Muses, the Lemonheads, and Buffalo Tom reigned supreme. Founded in May 2006 by singers/guitarists Chris Keene and Aurore Ounjian, who’d been preforming as a folk duo for a few years, Mean Creek’s debut album Around The Bend earned them critical praise throughout Boston and New England, and landed them on a UK tour with the Ting Tings and Straylight Run. When ex-Tulsa (Park the Van) members Mikey Holland and Erik Wormwood joined in the fall of 2008, the revolving rhythm section was laid to rest. “When Mikey & Erik joined, it felt like the band was finally complete. The four of us see eye to eye on the important things. We also have enough divergent musical tastes to each bring our own thing to the table, and in the process, make the band better and more interesting.” says Keene.

Over the course of the past three years, Mean Creek have shared stages with diverse national and international recording artists including Mew, Buffalo Tom, Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s, Bishop Allen, Dead Confederate, Black Lips, and they made their first trip to South By Southwest this past spring.

On October 13, 2009, Mean Creek released their second album, The Sky (Or The Underground), on Old Flame Records. Recorded by Chris McLaughlin (Aberdeen City) at 1867 Recording Studio in Chelsea, Massachusetts, the album combines the gritty, blue collar-rock of bands like The Replacements and Husker Du, the sonically adventurous aspects of the Pixies and Mission Of Burma, with boy-girl harmonies reminiscent of the Arcade Fire and New Pornographers. “We’re very proud of the new album. We put 100% of ourselves into it, exhausting ourselves physically, emotionally, and monetarily. We think that desperate sort of struggle shows through in the songs and makes them more powerful, and we hope people will feel the same way.” says Keene. Mean Creek are ready to make you notice Boston once again. Catch them on tour this Fall.

Mean Creek’s “The Sky (Or The Underground)” available on Old Flame Records NOW!

The Finishing School – Destination Girl (CD)

Hey Stevie Nicks? I think we’ve found your long-lost daughter in Sasha Bell. Starting off with an unabashed witchy-woman styling not unlike the great Nicks, “Reno” only differs from a Fleetwood Mac track by the more electronic arrangement of the instrumentation. Keeping the rich sound of the sixties and seventies alive in the following track, “Hair”, The Finishing School has a keyboard solo that would make Manfred Mann jealous. The only minor snafu comes in the over-distortion of her voice during parts of “Hair”, which only have the effect of lopping off her higher range. Adding a slight country twinge to the mic, the title track is the sequel to Jill Sobule’s “I Kissed A Girl” and Petula Clark’s “Downtown”. The polish on this disc is the equivalent of smearing transparent goo on the lens of a camera or airbrushing a model, but a model that is absolutely perfect in any way anyways.

If I put this disc on for my mother, I am sure that she would try to place who The Finishing School was in the dichotomy of popular music from ages gone by. TFS is talented enough for me to step out on that literary ledge, to be that bold. “Day Is Over” uses rich violin lines and military drum rolls to make another tight pop gem, and “Silent Space” pipes in an infectious organ line to bury itself under Sasha’s voice. Finally moving to the experimental stages in “Rowan’s Theme”, The Finishing School bends the pitches and general sounds of their synthesizers and guitars to cast the pop stylings of Sasha in an entirely new light. Destination Girl is a tightly composed disc, of which it would be almost impossible to come up with any faults on any section.

What is surprising about The Finishing School/Sasha Bell is that she has not gotten anywhere near the critical acclaim that she has deserved for years of amazing music. I started out with Ladybug Transistor’s Argyle Heir, and while it was not nearly as catchy as Destination Girl, I was able to see the seeds of talent being placed as early as that. Regardless of whether or not you can stand oldies music, I guarantee that you will be enthralled by the solid tracks of Destination Girl.

Top Tracks : Reno, Destination Girl

The Finishing School – Destination Girl / 9 Songs / 2003 The Telegraph Company / / / Reviewed 28 July 2003 / Released 23 September 2003

Motion City Soundtrack Announce Select Dates with Weezer this December!

Motion City Soundtrack are thrilled to announce that they’ll be joining Weezer this December for some select live shows! Kicking off in Chicago December 1st at the Aragon Ballroom, this run will see MCS playing dates in the Midwest and along the East Coast with the like-minded pop rockers. Before heading out on this short trek, Motion City Soundtrack will play to hometown fans and friends at a sold out Triple Rock Social Club show on Halloween Eve aka Mischief night. And directly following the Weezer dates, MCS will return to Chicago for a sold out exclusive three night stand at Lincoln Hall where the band will perform their first three albums in their entirety over three separate nights – I AM THE MOVIE on December 18th, COMMIT THIS TO MEMORY on December 19th, and EVEN IF IT KILLS ME on December 20th.

There is a lot of excitement in the Motion City Soundtrack camp as the band gears up for the release of their major label debut – MY DINOSAUR LIFE. The first single off the album – “Disappear” – is currently being streamed on the band’s web site and is available for purchase exclusively through iTunes.

Stay tuned as more details and exciting happenings will be revealed very soon!

In the meantime, check out for new music and more.

Dec. 1st Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL

3rd Eagles Ballroom Milwaukee, WI

7th Agganis Arena Boston, MA

9th Patriot Center @ George Mason Fairfax, VA

10th Susquehanna Bank Center Camden, NJ

18th Lincoln Hall (MCS Headline/I Am The Movie) Chicago, IL *SOLD OUT*

19th Lincoln Hall (MCS Headline/Commit This to Memory) Chicago, IL *SOLD OUT*

20th Lincoln Hall (MCS Headline/Even If It Kills Me) Chicago, IL *SOLD OUT*

Themselves Unleash themselvesRADIO

11/29 Providence, RI Jerky’s Live Music Hall #
12/01 Toronto, ONT El Mocambo #
12/02 Ann Arbor, MI Blind Pig #
12/03 Chicago, IL Reggie’s #
12/04 Minneapolis, MN Varsity #
12/05 Milwaukee, WI Cactus Club #
12/11 Salt Lake City, UT Kilby Court
12/12 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge

# = w/ Eyedea & Abilities

tempo no tempo

1. Back II Burn
2. Oversleeping
3. The Mark
4. Gangster Of Disbelief
5. Daxstrong
6. You Ain’t It
7. Roman Is As Roman Does
8. Skinning The Drum
9. Deadcatclear II
10. Gold Teeth Will Roll

Platinum 7X (Vodka)

Platinum 7X is a vodka that we have seen take over the shelf space of a great many of the liquor stores that we here at NeuFutur have stopped at in the last feqw months. From first blush, what Sazerac has done here is to create a visually distinctive product. Whether it is the deep blue of the bottle or the triangular shape of said bottle, potential purchasers will immediately be ensorcelled by Platinum 7X. Adding to this allure would have to be the price point of the vodka; with a 1.75 Liter bottle priced around $20, buying a bottle of Platinum 7X will not break the bank for anyone. Continue reading “Platinum 7X (Vodka)”

The Finals – Plan Your Getaway (CD)

The style of music that The Finals play is not anything that is tied down to a specific section of music, but rather pulls directly from different styles to craft a distinct sound from all of the clippings. “They’ll Never Know” is a track that draws heavily on a mid-nineties alternative sound, but the inclusion of synthesizers during the chorus brings The Finals into the realm of music previously inhabited by bands like The Red Hot Valentines.

The desire of The Finals to continue innovating even half-way through a track is something that will keep “Plan Your Getaway” fresh; even if a song is three or four minutes, chances are that The Finals have something up their sleeve to keep things popping. The interplay of the guitar, drums and synthesizer during tracks like “Extended Autumn” is something to hear; it is not only that one replaces the other in different sections of the track, but rather that each instrument works with the other two to come up with something completely new.

What is most interesting about songs like “Extended Autumn” is that The Finals can repeat themselves with only minor derivation a number of times through the track and not come out damaged in any way. The repetition tattoos the band onto any listener’s heart, and makes fans remember each lyric until that day when they can sing along with the band. “An Illusion Called Circumstance” is a track that shifts The Finals’ set of influences ever so slightly; the melodramatic vocals of the lead singer approach that put forth by former lead singer of The Smiths, Morrissey. The increased role for the vocals in this track means that there are wider-open spaces in the arrangements for this song; the band has a minor issue trying to keep individuals involved throughout these interludes, but ultimately succeed with their Police-like instrumental approach to things. “Right Here, Not Now” tarts out the disc but does not give individuals an accurate idea of what the band has to offer; the style is a little harder and the catchy hooks of the band a little more short than the rest of the disc’s tracks would indicate. The band has only been around for a few years, and there is little doubt in my mind that the band will be able to increase their stock with future recordings. Solid, fun, and intricate, The Finals cut a decent album in “Plan Your Getaway”.

Top Tracks: Extended Autumn, An Illusion Called Circumstance

Rating: 5.9/10

The Finals – Plan Your Getaway / 2006 Immortal / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 08 April 2006