Cosmo Vitelli side project Bot’Ox – “Blue Steel EP”

t was a Parisian encounter in a dark recording studio near République, under the mark of Saint Ambroise and in the middle of machines, synthesizers, effects emulators, where a pioneer bond was born. Hours of rush, borrowing here and there the roughest sounds for a tangible and sensorial experience, starting with abstract to cut, prune, saw, cut and cut, again and always, to find lucid melodies and blistering rhythms…or otherwise known…Bot’Ox

Bot’Ox – “Blue Steel”

Bot’Ox is Julien Biffaz and Benjamin Boguet (AKA Cosmo Vitelli and one half of Tekel). In just five releases, Bot’Ox have cemented their place on the international scene with productions on prestigious labels such as DFA, DC recordings, Grand Central and I’m a cliché.

Following up the hugely successful single “Crashed Cadillac” comes the newest musical twist in the form of “Blue Steel.” Yeah, you can dance to it, but this is not merely a dance track. This is pure French pop with the misty voice of Anna Jean flowing over top of lofi melodies and blistering rhythms. In contrast, “Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show” is an electro dance rock stormer, perfect for crashing cars.

Enjoy !

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