Dead Leaf Echo Get Loved

Only months after their last experiments in high-art on Pale Fire,
featuring the epic title track mixed by Ulrich Schnass,
Dead Leaf Echo has teamed up with John Fryer of 4AD fame
to mix their latest evocative release Truth.

On Truth, Dead Leaf Echo reaches new heights,
exploring greater depths with 7 songs of pure devotion.

Truth will come to the people through German label 2&1 Records (Ex-Alison Records).
Vinyl comes from Custom Made Music with digital distribution from Apollo Audio.

What the press had to say about Dead Leaf Echo

Time Out NY

Some of the best live music in the city.

The DeliNYC

A post-Romantic approach to music, fashion, even New York City itself…is the kind of wisdom Robert Smith masterfully conjured in his prime…

The Huffington Post

Resonates like a glass of old-school absinthe.

The L Magazine
We like Dead Leaf Echo’s dreamy, shoegazing, indie-pop.
The Sound of Indie

Is every bit as good as any of the other currently hyped shoegaze bands like Film School or Amusement Parks on Fire.

Losing Today

A bliss driven slice of ethereal elegance.

Surfing on Steam

Reminisces in Cocteau Twins etherealism.

Beat Crave
Creates a sinful surrealism.
Resonator Mag

These songs swirl, swell and cohere together in a foggy mist.

Here Comes the Flood

For those still craving the glory days of 4AD.

First Coast News

The band makes songs that are so ethereal and delicately noisy that human comprehension

just might be too much to ask for.
I bet Phil Spector in all his deranged glory never imagined a wall of sound quite as massive and tidal
as the one that these guys construct.


About 2&1 Records

Formerly Alison Records, founded in 1995, with releases by Here, Malory, Silvania, Highspire, Monster Movie, Resplandor and other dream pop innovators.

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