Fermata – Vessel (CD)

Fermata is a band that has always been interesting to me. There are heavy hints of emo music just as the band goes for the hard rock sound in tracks like “Frustrated”. The instrumental interlude that is present during the aforementioned “Frustrated” will remind individuals of a Sunny Day Real Estate, even if the vast majority of the track gives off more of a Foo Fighters means 10 Years vibe. The production values of “Vessel” are perfect, and allow Fermata to put to disc what they wish to put to disc. The producer allows the band to shine on their own merit, instead of trying to give them a specific style and direction on “Vessel”.

The band may fly under the four minute mark for this first track, but the intricate arrangements during this track allow individuals to enjoy for the track much longer than that period. “Whisper From You” is another of the tracks that work well in blending the two styles of music – emo and rock – that Fermata are known for. If there was to be a new style start to dominate popular music in the next few years, I would have to say it would be this style that Fermata is pushing throughout the entirety of “Vessel”. “Whisper FromYou” is the perfect example of that style, as the chorus is straight up new rock while the emotional intensity of the arrangements come straight from the emo tradition. “Lottery” has a tremendous of ground to traverse if it is to conform to the same high levels that both “Frustrated” and “Whisper From You”. Luckily enough, Fermata is talented enough to go and create a chorus that will infect each listeners’ brain that it hits; Fermata is three for three by the time “Lottery” ends.

The band has definitely cleaned up their style and found their own sound between the release of their first and second EPs, and for that I thank them. They should pat themselves on the back, as they have created the next big thing. If the band is not headlining shows by the end of 2007, I will be shocked. The band still has to go and create a full album of their music, but I am much more confident that the band can make that transition than I was at the end of their four-song EP. Get this EP and get the full-length when it’s out.

Top Track: Lottery

Rating: 7.6/10

Fermata – Vessel / 2006 DoughMain / 6 Tracks / http://www.fermatasound.com / http://www.doughmainrecords.com / Reviewed 04 August 2006


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