Jump Clubb (Anonymous Band From Beverly Hills) Release FREE Download “Green Light”

Meet Jump Clubb. A band from Beverly Hills whose music combines dance, disco, and electronic styles with indie mentalities and vocals straight from the height of the lo-fi era. Think LCD Soundsystem meets Beat Happening. Or Hot Chip meets Eric’s Trip. The juxtoposition melds an interesting style of music that Jump Clubb has coined “No Dance”. On one hand you have the upbeat soul and funk influence that aims at getting anyone and everyone up and dancing. This mixed with lo-fi and low energy vocals which describe tales of heartbreak and Jump Clubb’s own view of their insecure and superficial hometown, creates a wonderful style that urges you to rethink your next trip to the dancefloor. “No Dance” is a musical statement that transcends their city’s physical and mental boundries and questions the current state of the music listener from LA celebrity to Brooklyn hipster.

Hailing from a town that is literally built on celebrity and the need to be noticed, Jump Clubb makes it a point they want nothing to do with the fame that surrounds them on a daily basis. The decision to remain anonymous is directly related to both the cloud of insecurities and self-consiousness that hovers over this “town of dreams”. While others are constantly focused on their public image and measuring their talent in TMZ apearances, Jump Clubb makes music. By themselves. Without worry of judgement of who they are as people. They are musicians whose only goal is to release music and it may be hard for some of their neighbors to believe but Jump Clubb likes to stay hidden while surrounded by a town of those obbessed with themselves.

Stay tuned for brand new videos for “The Love of No Dance” as well as “Rather Be Played”. Coming soon.


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