Lindeblad Piano

While we here at NeuFutur provide much in the way of coverage to musicians of all stripes, we have not given proper coverage to those that provide Restoration & Repair for the instruments that are so vital to musicians’ livelihoods. Lindeblad Piano ( ) is one of these companies, working to restore to perfect working order piano lines as storied as Chickering, Baldwin, and Steinway. More so, for those that are looking to purchase a vintage piano, Lindeblad has a number of models of Pianos for Sale in stock.

Their name has gotten out there – celebrities such as Stephen Colbert and universities including Stanford University – have taken use of Lindeblad Piano’s services. The models that they have on their website are beautiful, and showcase their experience in the field more than any celebrity endorsement could. With ninety or so years in the business, Lindeblad Piano knows what they are doing and can provide an instrument that could be the one last piece that could transmute an average performer into the next Rufus Wainwright or even Elton John, at a price that cannot be beaten. Make sure to visit their Website regularly, as they will update with other models and with more current information on a periodic basis.

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  1. It’s always more affordable to restore old pianos than to always buy a new one if the unit gets ugly. Afterall, piano is like wine, it goes better with age. Lindeblad does great restoration, their service is guaranteed, which explains their longevity in the industry.

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