Listen to another preview track from Osada Vida’s new album!

Osada Vida, one of the best progressive rock bands from Poland, returns with their third full-length album – “Uninvited Dreams”. The new album will be officially released in Europe next Monday, 23rd November. The band’s American fans will have to wait till 1st December.

And today Łukasz Lisiak (bass, vocal) says about “Uninvited Dreams” lyrics: “As it was in the past, Adam Podzimski, our drummer, is the author of the lyrics. We have always avoided being literal and this hasn’t changed this time as well. The album’s title explains the whole content. Dreams have fascinated people through the years. Let’s look at all dreams’ interpretations created in many cultures and centuries, fortune-tellers and astrologists, even scientists who tried to study dreams. We focused only on those “unwanted” ones. Everyone must have experienced a bad dream, one you wish to forget as soon as you wake up. At other times, although you wanted to dream about pleasures, no pleasant things appeared – just the black hole. Taking into consideration the fact that we sleep through 1/3 of our life, such situations are pretty frequent. Why? Because of stress, sadness and everyday problems inevitably accompanying our life. Sometimes, you go to bed with a hope that night will bring the desired solution and a change for the better. This is what the new CD is all about. In terms of lyrics, ”Univited Dreams” is probably Osada Vida’s saddest album. It’s no secret that we try to express the content through sounds rather than words. Therefore our albums are 70% instrumental. The same is true with reference to the new album, although we have prepared a few vocal surprises. I deeply believe that they are really positive and make the whole album sound fantastic. I will not reveal any more details – you’ll have to wait for the release.”

You can listen to another sneak preview of the album. Track “My Nightmare Is Scared Of Me“ is available on Metal Mind Productions’ official Myspace profile:

“Uninvited Dreams” will be released by Metal Mind Productions on 23rd November in Europe and 1st December in USA (via MVD) in two editions: as a standard jewel case CD and as a digipak with 3 bonus tracks.

Osada Vida – line-up:
Łukasz Lisiak – bass guitar
Bartek Bereska – guitars
RafaÅ‚ Paluszek – keyboards
Adam Podzimski – drums

Osada Vida online:

Osada Vida
“Uninvited Dreams”
Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0674
Barcode: 5907785035577
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0675 DG (ltd. CD Digipak)
Barcode: 5907785035584 (ltd. CD Digipak)
Format: CD / CD DG
Genre: prog rock
Release date: 23.11.2009 Europe / 01.12.2009 USA


1. Uninvited Dreams
2. My Nightmare Is Scared Of Me
3. Childmare (A Goodnight Story)
4. Lack Of Dreams
5. Is This Devil From Spain?
6. Is That Devil From Spain Too?
7. Neverending Dream

Bonus tracks (only available on a ltd. CD digipak)

8. 2304
9. S.L.E.E.P.
10. Uninvited Dreams (edit)

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