Pacific Rim – 2007 Chenin Blanc Columbia Valley (Wine)

We here at the NeuFutur HQ have had some great Rieslings and similar varietals in the last few months, but I feel that the ’07 Chenin Blanc taken from the Columbia Valley vineyard may just be one of the best we’ve had. The Chenin Blanc, for casual wine drinkers, is a variety of grape that is versatile as all get out and is planted practically everywhere that is hospitable for grapes. The stainless steel that they use in the cultivation of this wine allows the resulting beverage the perfect type of development.

Rather than imbuing some part of the processing into the wine, what comes forth here is something natural that succeeds on its own merit. The wine itself claims that it is created using some of the oldest vines planted into the Columbia Valley, and I believe that there is some truth to that. This is because there is a complexity present that is simply not there when one takes in other wines of a similar age. There is history to the Chenin Blanc here, and one that will have me coming back to the Pacific Rim version. There is a sharp (but not overly harsh) flavor to this wine that acts as a solid palette cleanser, while the fruit notes present both in the nose and in the taste itself will work wonders with any side dish.

What for many seems only to be a quick decision – to purchase wine at a store – is something much, much more with the Chenin Blanc. The different nooks and crannies present in this wine ensures that it provides whatever imbibers want it to provide, without being on the high end of prices. The next time a good meal is prepared, no matter whether it be chicken, steak, lamb, or even more esoteric mains like quail or snail – give the Pacific Rim Chenin Blanc a try.

Rating: 8.6/10

Pacific Rim – 2007 Chenin Blanc Columbia Valley (Wine) / 26.2 Proof /

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One thought on “Pacific Rim – 2007 Chenin Blanc Columbia Valley (Wine)”

  1. James,

    Thank you for the post. I am the Winemaker at Pacific Rim and Chenin Blanc has always been a favorite of mine. Thank you for spreading the word about this great wine. The vines are about 40 years old on average by the way.



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