Red Stag (Bourbon)

We here at NeuFutur have had the chance to try out a number of different whiskies, but I feel that there have not been too many changes to the archetypal style. However, Jim Beam has attempted to rock the boat and come up with something new and fresh. This four year-old bourbon is infused with black cherry flavoring (natural flavorings, of course), which ties a little bit of sweet to the strong and memorable bite that is present in a great many of the Jim Beam efforts. This sweetness is the perfect way that new individuals can be brought into bourbon while not being immediately turned away by the type’s distinctive style.

There is a complexity present with this spirit that ensures that individuals will have to sample the Red Stag a number of times just before beginning to understand exactly what all Jim Beam has inserted into the bourbon. Of course, there are the very base flavors and notes that all can pick up on – the bite of the bourbon and the sweetness of the fruit – but subsequent sips will reveal an entirely new world in each bottle. This means that one go at the Red Stag may bring up hints of oak, while another may marry that oak flavor to the black cherry flavoring. What results with each subsequent experience with Red Stag is much like a narrative being completed – the bourboun here tells imbibers a story.

If you would like to see what the hubbub is all about regarding Red Stag, go to your local liquor store and plunk down a $20. You should get a few bucks back along with a set of memories that that will be unsurpassed. Hell, you may even have a little bit of the bottle left.

Rating: 8.6/10

Red Stag (Bourbon) / 80 Proof / /

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