The Finals – Plan Your Getaway (CD)

The style of music that The Finals play is not anything that is tied down to a specific section of music, but rather pulls directly from different styles to craft a distinct sound from all of the clippings. “They’ll Never Know” is a track that draws heavily on a mid-nineties alternative sound, but the inclusion of synthesizers during the chorus brings The Finals into the realm of music previously inhabited by bands like The Red Hot Valentines.

The desire of The Finals to continue innovating even half-way through a track is something that will keep “Plan Your Getaway” fresh; even if a song is three or four minutes, chances are that The Finals have something up their sleeve to keep things popping. The interplay of the guitar, drums and synthesizer during tracks like “Extended Autumn” is something to hear; it is not only that one replaces the other in different sections of the track, but rather that each instrument works with the other two to come up with something completely new.

What is most interesting about songs like “Extended Autumn” is that The Finals can repeat themselves with only minor derivation a number of times through the track and not come out damaged in any way. The repetition tattoos the band onto any listener’s heart, and makes fans remember each lyric until that day when they can sing along with the band. “An Illusion Called Circumstance” is a track that shifts The Finals’ set of influences ever so slightly; the melodramatic vocals of the lead singer approach that put forth by former lead singer of The Smiths, Morrissey. The increased role for the vocals in this track means that there are wider-open spaces in the arrangements for this song; the band has a minor issue trying to keep individuals involved throughout these interludes, but ultimately succeed with their Police-like instrumental approach to things. “Right Here, Not Now” tarts out the disc but does not give individuals an accurate idea of what the band has to offer; the style is a little harder and the catchy hooks of the band a little more short than the rest of the disc’s tracks would indicate. The band has only been around for a few years, and there is little doubt in my mind that the band will be able to increase their stock with future recordings. Solid, fun, and intricate, The Finals cut a decent album in “Plan Your Getaway”.

Top Tracks: Extended Autumn, An Illusion Called Circumstance

Rating: 5.9/10

The Finals – Plan Your Getaway / 2006 Immortal / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 08 April 2006


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