TOURNAMENT Tour Underway

11/07/2009 The Shop – Ithaca, NY w/ Sepsis, Hiroshima Vacation

11/08/2009 Mohawk Place – Buffalo, NY w/ Fucking Hot Lights, Co- Workers

11/09/2009 *NEED HELP!! PA / OH / MI

11/10/2009 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH

11/11/2009 The Bishop – Bloomington, IN w/ Racebannon

11/12/2009 Ronny’s – Chicago, IL w/ Raise The Red Lantern, Tongues, The Muzzler

11/13/2009 The Smiling Skull – Athens, OH w/ We March

11/14/2009 Jimmy’s Haus – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Virgin Birth, Secret Tombs, Red Foxx

11/15/2009 Crayola House – Harrisonburg, VA w/ Inter Arma, Kill Your Brain, Earthling

11/16/2009 The Ox – Philadelphia, PA w/ The G, Fight Amp

11/20/2009 The Charleston – Brooklyn, NY w/ Count Von Count / Ape!

12/03/2009 Pilam House – Philadelphia, PA w/ The Wayward, Regional Ditch, Fuck Attack!

12/04/2009 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA w/ The Waward, Inter Arma

12/05/2009 *TBA – Wilmington, NC w/ Pavlichenko, The Scowls

12/06/2009 *TBA – Savannah, GA w/ Dead Yet

12/07/2009 *TBA – Gainesville, FL

12/08/2009 *TBA – Miami, FL w/ Capsule

12/09/2009 Transitions Art Gallery – Tampa, FL

12/10/2009 The Go Bar – Athens, GA w/ Music Hates You

12/11/2009 The Milestone – Charlotte, NC w/ Caltrop, Sled, Decoration Ghost

12/12/2009 Casa Pizza – Virginia Beach, VA

12/13/2009 The Spot – Wilmington, DE W/ Ape!, Weed Jesus, Powerstance, Fuck Attack, Spiritbird

Stay tuned for more updates on the band’s ongoing tour as well as their December tour dates and even more touring into 2010.

“…fans of more modern, Melvins-weaned bands like Tombs and crust monsters Kylesa will dig lead-heavy atmospheric tracks like the instrumental ‘From the Mouths,’ and the deeply fucked-up ‘Ice Castles,’… Now that this album has liquefied my eyeballs, they’ll go down so much easier at the show.” – High Times

“Tournament successfully marries the slow burn of Houdini-era Melvins with the swing of Drive Like Jehu.”


“…loaded with absolutely awesome, hammering basslines and bursts of quirky riffing… They’re really able to transition effortlessly from caustic, noisy textures and surging feedback to energetic rhythms alongside more restrained riffing that flirts with darker atmospheres… –

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