“When Death Comes”, Artillery’s most recent album, has been nominated in the category ‘Metal Album of the Year’ at the Danish Metal Awards 2009!

Other nominees are The Burning: Rewakening, The Psyke Project: Dead Storm, Anubis Gate: The Detachted and HateSphere: To the Nines.

Artillery are set to play three tracks at the official event, which is held on the Danish venue Amager Bio in Copenhagen on January 16th, 2010.

Full info on the event can be find here: www.dmea.dk

Artillery, one of the best thrash metal bands around, returned with a brand new studio album in June 2009. “When Death Comes” was their first studio release since the 1999’s “B.A.C.K”!

Artillery is one of Europe’s earliest exponents of thrash metal and the band’s contribution to the bourgeoning genre is difficult to ignore. The Danish quartet successfully managed to fuse an abrasive brutality with technicality and good melodies, with the noteworthy guitar leads of the Stützer brothers as well as the remarkable vocals from Flemming Rønsdorf serving as highlights. Due to Artillery’s demos being well distributed, the band gained worldwide recognition even before the release of their first official album; and the band’s first three studio albums, “Fear of Tomorrow”, “Terror Squad” and “By Inheritance”, all assumed the status of classics in the thrash genre. However, due to lack of support from labels and internal band disputes, Artillery never really achieved their big breakthrough and thus split up in 1991. In late 1999, Artillery reunited and released the critically acclaimed album “B.A.C.K.”, but they never really took off as a band again. A few live appearances came in the wake of the release, only to be followed by silence. However, in 2008 the classic core of Artillery, consisting of Morten and Michael Stützer as well as Peter Thorslund (bass) and Carsten N. Nielsen (drums) rejoined forces and subsequently employed new vocalist Søren Adamsen, who provided the band with a rejuvenated energy and a musical prowess that was soon witnessed on the live DVD “One Foot in the Grave, The Other One in the Trash”, containing updated versions of classic material. A new chapter in the life of Artillery has now begun with their brand new studio album, “When Death Comes”, which contains 10 blistering tracks that fill the void between past glory and future splendour. New material was recorded between March and April 2009 at Medley Studios in Denmark with Søren Andersen as the producer. The album was released by Metal Mind Productions.

Artillery online: http://www.artillery.dk/

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