Audio and the Earthling – Crazy Moon (CD)

“Twisted Up” is a quaint little bit of laid-back rock. The track contains tidy guitars, funky bass lines, and utterly smooth vocals. While there are bits and pieces of eighties trappings present, the solo that is present here is definitely out of the Santana playbook. “Yesterday’s Coffee” has more of an electronic edge to it than “Twisted Up”, calling forth Hot Butter (“Popcorn”), New Order, and a little bit of the Pet Shop Boys. “Crazy Moon” has a more organic feel than what has previously been encountered here, despite having a significant lack of vocals.

Audio and the Earthling are able to provide an instrumental narrative until that point when the vocals kick in, and for my money, I feel that both sections are just about equal. “Just Round The River’s Bend” links together stretched-out guitar lines with a chugging bit of bass finesse that comprise the backing in which the vocals can truly shine. It is “Just Round The River’s Bend” that will ultimately be on my iPod for the longest out of all the tracks on this title, as it seems to represents all the diverse sides of Audio and the Earthling, all together in an easily-approachable track. “Mission Control” has a twinkling, holiday type of atmosphere that will play well all through the winter. With the vocals summoning forth a more morose Billie Joe Armstrong, “Mission Control” contains an interesting stylistic redo of the David Bowie classic.

It is the perfect counterpoint to the harried tempo taken by “Elevator Music”. “Elevator Music” straddles the line between video game music, eighties sci-fi soundtrack (Buck Rogers) and funky getdown tapes. “Crazy Moon” is the perfect title for this album, as each track represents different phases of Audio and the Earthling, while the “crazy” part of the title corresponds to the spontaneity that is always present here. Even after 10 tracks, I have little idea where Audio and the Earthling will go on any follow-ups to this title, and I think that’s stunning. “Crazy Moon” will have you continually surprised and impressed by the band’s music, which is ultimately approachable without being too heady.

Top Tracks: Yesterday’s Coffee, Just Round The River’s Bend

Rating: 8.4/10

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