Brinley Gold Coconut Rum (Rum)

Coconut is one of the more familiar flavors that rum has been placed with in my experience, and this is not for nothin’; the taste of the coconut meshes well with the rum, and the resulting spirit exudes a more tropical flavor than say a Cherry rum. The Brinley Gold version of coconut rum is one of the best I have had. First off, the rum with which the coconut flavor is married to is simply stellar, with a bold body that knows when to mute itself. This is because the coconut flavoring is as close of an approximation as I have had in regards to spirits.

The higher alcohol content of the Brinley Coconut is interesting amongst all of the other, weaker Coconut Rums on the market. Rather than having an overwhelming alcohol taste present, the heavier alcohol content adds a warmth that is unsurpassed in terms of flavored rums. The smooth nature of this rum makes for deceptively quick shots (which is pretty dangerous), but for wequally impressive mixed drinks. Throw some of the Brinley Coconut alongside a can of Coke or even with the myriad of alcohols that comprise a Long Island Iced Tea, and the drinks are brought to an entirely new level.

If one is not a fan of Coconut in one’s rum, Brinley has a number of other efforts that successfully blend fruit with their distinctive, solid rum. Keep an eye on your local liquor store for these other efforts – Mango, Lime, Coffee, and Vanilla. We’ll be covering these in the weeks and months to come, so keep hitting up our Alcohol Review section.

Rating: 8.8/10

Brinley Gold Coconut Rum (Rum) / 72 Proof /

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