Bruno (Blu-Ray)

Bruno is the latest Sacha Baron Cohen film, and like its older cousin Borat, it really showcases a fish out of water situation. Where the film seems to be more story-oriented than Borat, many of the individuals that I knew that went to see the movie wanted to view exactly what Bruno Gehard got eirself into. The Bluy-Ray edition of the film is a spot-on transfer of the original theatrical print, with a clarity of sound and visuals that ill transfer well on the latest eye-bleeding screens purchased for Black Friday. The film itself showcases the downward spiral of Bruno and eir eventual redemption in the arms of eir only true love.

However, along the way, Cohen has some deliciously embarrassing and hilarious moments, key of which has to be the sushi/interview scene with La Toya Jackson. The aforementioned closing scene ranks right up there, as a very macho and “Straight” MMA events turns into a homosexual snogfest in front of everyone that was watching. Aside from the feature film, Universal has included a number of different features that will have fans clutching their sides throughout the end of the year.

The alternate and cut scenes selection has a few gems, while I feel the commentary really showcases some of the nuances of the film that may otherwise be missed due to the sheer fabulosity of Bruno. The film itself succeeds on a careful blurring of reality and staged scenes; while some seem to be pretty put on (the Richard Bey show was canned well over a decade before the movie was set), others seem to have the spontaneity and chaos that makes the film so delightful (the Italian fashion show). Taken all together, Bruno comes forth as a film that is more coherent than Borat while keeping most of the humor present in the former movie.

Rating: 8.2/10

Bruno (Blu-Ray) / 2009 Universal / 82 Minutes / /

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