“Fans of Monsters of Folk and its component players will find plenty to like here.”–Made Loud

Powerpopaholic (http://gator912.hostgator.com/~doctorao/powerpop/interviews/golden.html) interviewed Shawn Fogel of Golden Bloom to find out about the meaning behind the moniker, his influences and heroes, and his rock star moment. Here is a brief look at what Fogel would call a “rock star moment”:

“My favorite moment (of a couple of hours) from touring this summer would have to be spending the afternoon at Pizza Putt in Burlington, VT. It’s an indoor mini-golf, arcade, batting cage and laser tag wonderland where anyone at any age can run around and feel like a kid. The mini golf is the real highlight for me. Each hole is designed to be a different geographic location (Golden Gate Bridge, Stonehenge, Pyramids of Egypt, The Grand Canyon and more)! Do running around, giggling & playing laser tag count as “rock star” moments?”

Fogel’s light-hearted, fun loving attitude can be hear throughout Fan the Flames. Made Loud http://www.madeloud.com/review/golden_bloom_fan_the_flames reviewed the record taking care to appreciate the “multi-instrumentalist” title that Fogel dons. “He sounds not only like a full band, but a darned good one as he juggles everything from piano to tenor sax to harmonica…Fans of Monsters of Folk and its component players will find plenty to like here. The two acts do share some sonic similarities, notably Fogel’s Jim Jones-y vocals on the country-tinged ‘She Leaves Me Poetry’ and the bouncy ‘If You Believe,’ but the real link is in the particular kind of energy both groups bring to the table. Fan the Flames sounds like an album that was a lot of fun to make, and as such it’s a lot of fun to hear.”

“[Fan the Flames] is stuffed full of well crafted, melodic songs that veer from the folky Theme For An Adventure At Sea to the power pop of Doomsday Devices. It sounds like a record that has been made with love, care and attention and is all the better for it.”– Mad Mackerel http://madmackerel.blogspot.com/2009/11/round-up-some-new-recent-releases.html

“The hyper-catchy ‘Doomsday Devices’ still made a big impression even in its stripped-down version, and the older song ‘Days Go By’ was an emotional highlight of the set.”– Ken Mauri, Daily Hampshire Gazette Live Review

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