Free Diamonds – There Should Be More Dancing (CD)

Free Diamonds are one of many different types of spazz-dance acts out on the market, one of a genre that includes acts as diverse as Fanny Pack, Electric Six, and Gravy Train. However, there seems to be more of an noise (The Locust, Neon Hunk) influence shown by Free Diamonds. “The List of Everyone” mixes the B-52s, Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Devo with a Jets To Brazil meets Sunny Day Real Estate brand of organic rock.

“Blind Boys” continues the oddball dance party; it is as if a dance act joined an indie act while the latter was playing on stage. There are definitely moments when one or the other style dominates, but the average sound of a song on “There Should Be More Dancing” is of a blend of the two styles. It is important to keep in mind that Free Diamonds are not one of those bands that can exist without ever picking up an album (only cribbing bits and pieces from other tracks), but is in all actuality a band that actually surpasses many other acts out on the market. For example, the bass line present on “Lovers Die Young” builds on both funk and Operation Ivy-style bass lines to create a workable (and extremely fun) mesh of styles and sounds. It may just be the case that the tracks when the dance influence of Free Diamonds subsides, the band has their largest victories. This can be heard best during tracks like “The Day We Conquered”, but the beginning, Entwistle-like bass line present during “M Is For Missing” shows this tendency as well. While each of the compositions on “There Should Be More Dancing” contain a very chaotic element to them, the one thing that individuals are unable to say about the band is that they do not know how to play their instruments.

Each of the songs show structure out the ass, moxie to spare, and a beat that will never fail to light up the speakers. The repetitive, rooty sound present during “Land of Giants” seems to diametrically oppose the vocals during this track as the vocals are pushy and driven while the guitar/bass dynamic seems to have a much more laid back view of things. The entirety of “There Should Be More Dancing” is a story of these contradictions, which really push the album to the next level. Give it a spin.

Top Tracks: Cuban Heels Cuban Deals, M Is For Missing

Rating: 6.0/10

Free Diamonds – There Should Be More Dancing / 2006 Deep Elm / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 13 March 2006


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