Kahlua Coffee Cream (Liqueur)

Anyone that knows me on NeuFutur or at the headquarters knows that I am not a fan of coffee in the slightest. I was going to sit this review out, but the other reviewers urged me to familiarize myself with Kahlua’s latest offering. I am glad that I had the ability to try it, as it is one of the better creamy liqueurs that I have had since we have started up the review section. This limited edition effort is an alcoholic coffee drink without having to introduce some sort of extra (be it cream or liquor itself) to a drink. The initial nose that issues forth from this bottle is nothing too special, taking on a little bite to a typical cream fragrance, while the look of the liqueur itself is similarly middling.

It is only when one takes their first sip of the Coffee Cream when it becomes perfectly evident how special of a spirit this is. At 34 proof, one could easily take down a number of shots, even if they are not the biggest fan of single-serving libations. Of course, the versatility of the Kahlua Coffee Cream is without question, as it will make normal coffee just as well as milk, Coke, or countless other mixers into something completely new.

While we have yet to review the original Kahlua, I feel that we have to go out there and snag a bottle of all the other varieties that they normally release. For added fun, mix in some Butterscotch or Peppermint Schnapps with an equal measure of the Kahlua Coffee Cream. It’s the perfect mixture for this holiday season, and will ensure that you are able to pick up a bottle of the Kahlua Coffee Cream before it is taken off the market (it is a seasonal, after all!).

Rating: 8.5/10

Kahlua Coffee Cream (Liqueur) / 34 Proof / http://www.kahlua.com

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