LA-based Jason Karaban Releases New Single, “Succeed 101”, Out Now On iTunes

” Comforts and kills the pain of the past with a perfect and promising dose of simplicity” – Glide Magazine

” A great new piece of work that is so infectious” – KCRW DJ Chris Douridas

With three critically acclaimed records under his belt over the past three years and boasting an impressive line up of contributing artists -including Ani DiFranco, Glen Phillips, Dave Pirner and Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello), Jason Karaban reveals new single, “Succeed 101,” out now courtesy of New Model Music.

Described by Karaban as “a 3 1/2 minute manic episode that covers extreme lows, apathy, soaring highs and a Tony Robbins sort of mantra thrown in for good measure,” the latest track from the LA-based singer/songwriter is a promising preview of Karaban’s upcoming EP Just Enough, Just In Case, offering offbeat instrumentation courtesy of brass instruments, handclaps and foot stomps.

Jason Collett (from Broken Social Scene), Brendon Benson, Laura Jansen, Rob Giles and David Mead

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