MANEGARM Video Premiere

The new video for the song “Vetrarmegin” (English translation: “Winter Force”) from Swedish Viking metallers MANEGARM is now posted for all the world to view! The song comes off the band’s latest full-length, Nattväsen (“Night Creatures”), released in November via Regain Records. The video was filmed by Standard Film Team (Dark Funeral, Plector, Zonaria etc.) near the band’s hometown of Norrtälje in a “Viking village” said to have an incredible pre-renaissance atmosphere perfectly suiting of the song’s theme. Check out the video here:

Nattväsen features 9 tracks destined to set a new standard in the pagan/folk metal genre.

Recent Testimonials:
“MÃ¥negarm comes complete with much of the medieval, pagan metal accoutrements found in the Northlands of Europe: triumphant rhythms meant for mead hall celebrations, harsh and clean vocals, rolling gallops and the occasional classical instrument such as a violin. Although the group brings out the occasional classical get-down, MÃ¥negarm doesn’t showcase the myriad of ethnic instruments of modern pagan/folk metal bands Turisas or Eluvitie. In doing this, the group can’t hide boring riffs behind an orchestral curtain. It’s nice to see MÃ¥negarm keeping the Nordic metal tradition alive with Nattväsen.” — Blistering

“…this collection of night creatures might just encourage you to toss back a pint and go racing into the neighboring hills with sword in hand — at least until you get arrested for disturbing the peace.” — Hellbound

“…a solid album in the pagan/Viking genre, worthy of the attention of genre fans.” — Metal Runs In My Veins

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