SECRETS OF THE MOON: Post-Tour Update From sG

Black metallers SECRETS OF THE MOON recently returned from their first ever North American tour with Moonspell and Divine Heresy. Guitarist/vocalist sG issued the following update:

“Friends and foes: After nearly 50 shows we played across this planet, I am back home, feeling utterly dead in the most positive sense. The past two months have been an amazing, yet really raw experience for the band. Ups and downs, sickness, storm; no calmness. We spent the last month touring North America and Canada with Moonspell and Divine Heresy. Both bands are truly professional and cool guys. We salute them and our fantastic crew: Cartel – tour manager, Phil – stagehand, Ringo – bus driver and most important: the amazing Jorge Pina for his massive technical support! Moreover we want to thank all the fans (present and future) we met out there, who believe in what we are doing. It’s been a groundbreaking experience to meet people on the other side of planet earth so familiar with and dedicated to our music… an excuse to the people in Kansas City and Denver: I couldn’t bring forth 100% due to the flu that hit me. Actually I don’t have any memories from these shows besides lying dead in my bunk. What is to come until the end of the year? Nothing but creating music. A new album is already in the making, too many ideas storm our minds these days… We’ll be back with another European tour in spring 2010, heading out to some countries we’ve never brought our sickness before. Watch out! — sG.”

SECRETS OF THE MOON recently released their first full-length in over three years. Privilegivm offers a unique mix of classic black metal with elements of rock. The band — now featuring SG, bassist LSK (Hell Militia, Vorkreist, Antaeus etc.), and drummer T. Thelemnar — channel their creativity in a way that’s more multi-facetted and focused than ever before. Privilegivm is the articulation of many emotions; an album of sacral depths, full of light, the spectrum of unlight, death and blasphemy. A pure metal album to be listened to loud and in complete darkness.


“Combining elements of black, death and traditional heavy metal this has something to attract almost all metal fans. The band are clearly trying not to pigeon hole themselves. A good release from an band re-born into something a great deal better.” — Blogcritics

“…one of the strongest [albums] offered this year, sure to please any blackened metal fan looking for something substantial to sink his or her teeth into.” — Hellbound

“SECRETS OF THE MOON has issued an ambitious album that revels in atmosphere, poetic convolution and heaviness. The sound production and engineering is extremely moving and powerful without being commercially clean or overly layered.” — Metallian

“Privilegivm is dark extreme metal at its very best, a 60+ minute ride through the blackened bellows of hell and back.” — Sea Of Tranquility

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