Israel’s Seek Irony have signed with U.S. based Chopmark Records for the release of their upcoming new EP, “Tech N’ Roll”. The group is currently streaming tracks from their new EP online at and is expected to embark on a nationwide U.S. tour in early 2010.

Rising out of the burgeoning music scene in the Middle East, Israel’s Seek Irony are poised to become among the first Middle Easterners to bring their U.S. influenced brand of rock and roll to the rest of the world. Like their homeland of Israel, it is music born out of the many influences and experiences of the individual band members into a cohesive and powerful blend of modern and alternative rock.

A couple of years ago, the band appeared to be on the verge of success when producer Sylvia Massey took them into the studio to record their first album. The album however, sat idle while the band dealt with management issues and, even harder, trying to make something happen from thousands of miles away.

Now, these three singles are being released simultaneously on the band’s new label, Chopmark Records leading up to an album that will come out in early 2010. These three tracks are all representative of how the diversity in the band’s music works well. From the anthemic chanting of the chorus in “Tech N Roll” backed with powerhouse drums and bass beats to the guitar driven hard rock of “Dragging Me Down” to the alternative influences of “Low”, Seek Irony maintain a radio friendly melodic style to their otherwise varied and artistic musical style. As songwriters they have grown up, sure of themselves and their musical style. The rest of the album promises to be just as blistering as these three singles.

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