The Dø has critics talking…

The French Duo’s Debut album A Mouthful is out this winter. Check out what critics are saying already – we’re telling you, the word is good. Really good.

The New Yorker
“A cross between the Cardigans and Hole, with peaks of orchestral whimsy, it’s an exuberantly bouncy sound.”

“…the record is as ambitious and fun as any coming-out party in recent memory.”

Filter Magazine
“…’On My Shoulders’…set to a backdrop of guitar and feedback and orchestra strings, produces a sound that is both heavy and hopeful.”

“A Mouthful, the debut album from The Dø, is one of those records that comes out of nowhere and knocks you for a loop with how fresh it sounds.”

“The duo meld clanging, pseudo-baroque textures with a blithely cracking soprano, hitting that sweet spot of blithe, summer laziness.”
“…we’re loving their laid back and wistful Euro-infused, folk-pop wondrousness.”

A Mouthful has already received raves and praise across the pond from outlets including Dazed and Confused, The Guardian, NME, The Wall Street Journal, The Word, Q, Time Out London and The Sunday Times among others.

The French duo – Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy – wrote, recorded and produced their debut album, which was mastered by Simon Davey (Amy Winehouse, The Polyphonic Spree, Depeche Mode) and made headlines when they became the first French band EVER to reach #1 on the French charts with an album written entirely in English.

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