Tia Fuller – Healing Space (CD)

The drumming that opens up “Breakthrough” gives the disc an awesome brand of chaos that is lessened by the inclusion of horns, but not completely removed from the track. What results is something that has a high amount of energy and will get individuals off of their duffs and onto the dance floor. The track may be over six minutes long, but the frantic energy that is present ensures that listeners do not feel as if the track is any more than four minutes.

This is a very strong introduction to the sax and flute work of Tia Fuller. The album is able to have a very current and fresh feel while still being in a specific jazz type of tradition. The slower sound of “Just A Journey” has cutting sax lines that provide the ultimate contrast for the piano that provides some of the percussive aspect to the track. Again, for those individuals that have not had a chance to really inculcate themselves with the jazz dynamic, Tia Fuller is able to get away with an instrumental album because the saxophone lines that are present tell a story more easily than could any vocalist. The more smoky and slower sound of “Ebonics” is still given some gravity with a very deep bass line that is churning throughout the entirety of the track by Miriam Sullivan.

The tracks are given titles, but these titles do not give individuals much of an idea about what the tracks will include. “Katrina’s Prayer” is the shortest track on the CD, and allows individuals to hear a slower and sadder sound to Fuller. However, like the rest of the tracks on the CD, there are linkages made between the constituent instruments, which are enough to allow something greater than the parts to be presented. “Healing Space” is fifty-five minutes of solid, modern jazz that is tremendously steeped in the approaches and sounds that have distinguished the style from all others throughout the entirety of the twentieth century. The production is strong enough to allow each instrument to shine, and the saxophone to really provide the vocal sound to the tracks on the album. While individuals could conceivably go and zone out to Fuller’s compositions, one will get much more out of “Healing Space” if they are able to sit in front of their computer or stereo and just give all their attention to the disc.

Top Tracks: Katrina’s Lullaby, Ebonics

Rating: 6.8/10

Tia Fuller – Healing Space / 2007 Mack Avenue / 10 Tracks / http://www.tiafuller.com / http://www.mackavenue.com / Reviewed 03 March 2007


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