Translation Loss Records signs EAST OF THE WALL

Translation Loss Records are extremely excited to announce the addition of New Jersey’s EAST OF THE WALL to their roster!

Born from the dissolution of the Postman Syndrome and Day Without Dawn, EAST OF THE WALL has been hard at work crafting their complex and varied sound, drawing inspiration from a wide range of emotions and ideas. EAST OF THE WALL’s sound straddles the line between an engulfing ambience and crushing force that dissolves into beautiful melodies seamlessly. Translation Loss Records will be releasing a three way split release from East Of The Wall, Rosetta and Year Of No Light late 2009. The material is the ultimate precursor to what will be their stunning Translation Loss debut. EAST OF THE WALL have release records on indie label Forgotten Empire Records.

Said Brett Bamberger from EAST OF THE WALL on the signing: “We are so fortunate to be on a roster full of artists who we respect and appreciate so much, not to mention having this excellent opportunity to do business with such a hard working operation of great people. On the road ahead we will be focusing extensively on writing, recording, touring, touring, touring. We have about half of our next full length written, which thus far in content is a bit more technically involved than our last LP. We want to extend our thanks to all the people who have helped us along the way, most especially Brandon Helms, Dave Grossman, and Dave Witte. Looking so forward to our time ahead with TL. Cheers – East of The Wall”

Drew Juergens from Translation Loss on the signing and co-release: “We are very excited to have EAST OF THE WALL on the label and help them release their next opus. They are an amazing force to behold live and if their material on the three way split we are releasing at the end of this year is any indication of the level of musicianship we will all bear witness to for their next full length, I can only imagine what kind of greatness is on the horizon for the band.”

What folks are saying about EAST OF THE WALL:
“Those on the prowl for progressive, dynamic post-metal that injects lushness and warmth into technically shrewd and structurally sound compositions will easily find something on Farmer’s Almanac to bang their brainy heads to” – Alternative Press

“The music crafted here is wiry and flush with layers of depth while still being immediately vibrant and lively…Melodies are tempered into careening metal, slow build-up’s reveal moments of beautifully serene clarity and patience dictates a steady pace” – ThePrP

“They excel at drawing out that peak-of-a-solo mood and transitioning into something even angrier rather than downshifting…You can’t replicate this in your home” – The Silent Ballet

“So many rich sounds swirling around my head. So much emotion and passion with every struck string…It’s almost as if the musicians are having a conversation through their instruments” – Ripple Music

Audio from EAST OF THE WALL’s upcoming Translation Loss split release with Rosetta and Year Of No Light are posted on the band’s Myspace page now. For more info contact Earsplit.

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