Tsurumi Records Introduces: Golden and The Second Academy

Tsurumi Records, a newly-opened, Seattle-based DIY vinyl imprint that no one in the US knows of yet, is pleased to introduce their marquee acts (both of which no one in the US knows of yet either); Golden and The Second Academy. The label issues this press release with the naïve optimism that music journalists and more will take the opportunity to research exactly what all the “non-interest” really is about. Here’s the scoop:

Golden — www.myspace.com/3goldenhorses

Japanese punks Kota Saito, Ryosuke Tahiro, & Tetsuyoshi Kojima, all hail from Tokyo. They were recently denied entry in to the US to play a free CMJ showcase to the disappointment of fans. They will have to continue to wait for them to be able play a proper state-side show however, since bureaucracy supercedes reason at the INS. It is a show that is one part classical Japanese music, one part sea shanty punk-rock, and a third part so sonically lush that listeners forget the lyrics are sung completely in Japanese. They released their debut self-titled album last spring. It garnered attention from tastemaker college radio stations KUOM in Minneapolis and KCRW in Los Angeles, just to name few.

The Second Academy — www.myspace.com/thesecondacademy

At first lo-fi listen of Eric Balaban’s clever lyrics, one could easily discard this band in to the vortex of nameless punk bands out of the Midwest over the last 20 years. A second listen reveals much greater nuances, however. The Second Academy makes lo-fi punk fit for arenas without being trite or derivative (and it ain’t easy to do). Think of what would happen if Ian Mackaye and Josh Homme starting writing music together and perhaps that can come close to describing their sound. They too released their debut album, “the grave from out of which we briefly wandered,” last spring.

Tsurumi Records – With a focus on releasing primarily vinyl recordings, Tsurumi Records has one simple goal: Release music that moves the listener. In support of its artists and audience, Tsurumi is a record label dedicated to pressing, promoting, and selling records. Tsurumi is modeled on the good ol’ days when you could purchase an album without a sample listen simply because of the buyer’s trust in the label that released it. Tsurumi Records remains a trustworthy source for refreshing and interesting music. For more information on Tsurumi Records, please visit www.tsurumirisiecords.com.

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