Army Wives: The Complete Third Season (DVD Set)

It has been a few months since we reviewed the last volume of Army Wives, and we were very excited to get the latest volume released on DVD a few days back. This release covers the last aired season of Army Wives (Season 4 begins in the middle of April), with 18 episodes tied together with a tremendous amount of additional features. The season itself is incredibly nuanced, as Denise attempts to learn what happened to Frank, Roxy attempts to reopen the Hump bar, and viewers will see whether Finn has a learning disability.

The season ends with a little bit of a reset, as Michael is given eir promotion, Jeremy grieves, and Roland begins to get caught up with all of the requirements of being an active member of eir family. The quality of the print used here is stellar, outstripping the broadcast version, while the audio has a similar increase in quality. This 5-DVD set continues gaining momentum in the “Bonus Features” section, which continues the trend of ABC Studios stuffing their releases with additional bits and pieces. Of course, there are (for the format) length deleted scenes and bloopers sections, while the mini-season of webisodes has been present full and uncut here.

“Stationed In The South” is perhaps the best featurette here, as it discusses the importance of the scenery of Columbia, South Carolina (where Army Wives is set). Finally, there is “Army Wives Gives Back”, a quick piece discussing the good work that the cast and crew have done in regards to poor or otherwise destitute military families. Pick up “The Complete Third Season” if you have either missed some of the episodes this season, or just want to ensure that there is a good show to watch when there is nothing on.

Rating: 8.6/10

Army Wives: The Complete Third Season (DVD Set) / 2010 ABC Studios / 759 Minutes /

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