Bowling Green Police

Throughout the last few years, I have been to Bowling Green, Ohio a number of times. Of course, the Allied Media Conference (originally the Underground Publishing Conference) had its best days in Bowling Green before moving up to the bleak Detroit cityscape, while Howards Club H is one of the best bars / venues that I have had the chance to go to. While the mall there sucks pretty hardcore, the presence of amazing food (be it at the vegan or Mediterranean restaurants) more than makes up for it.
All the times that I have been in Bowling Green, however, there has been one constant thing – the vigilance of the police force there. Where I have never ran afoul of this organization, I have noticed through my visits to the city that there has been a tremendous amount of order kept over the last five or so years. Heck, even when the wife and I went to Bowling Green the day of a big rivalry game – against Ohio University – everyone seemed to be very well behaved (due in no small part to the police force there).

The linked web site is the Bowling green police Department’s web site, and it provides a tremendous amount of information regarding the force itself. More than that, there is a news ticker option (of sorts) that showcases what has happened in the last few months in the city. Annual Reports are plainly visible, while there is even an eye out to the national with the inclusion of a terror attack color coding. If you are going to attend or otherwise visit Bowling Green, check out this web site and get the scoop about what all is happening around the area. It is smart, and it is very smart to put oneself in the hands of these very capable individuals.

However, please do check out the NYC Green Police, which have been tapped to enforce different environmental regulations and cite those that violate these regulations. The police force has jurisdiction over all environmental matters, including the safety of aquafauna.

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