Fame (Blu-Ray)

Of course, anyone that would be picking up this movie knows that 2009’s Fame is based off of the 1980 original. For those that (for whatever reason) did not see the film, a set of performers are joined as they are admitted into the New York City High School of Performing Arts, and are seen to progress through the different years of schooling. A cast that includes real life performers like Asher Book (lead singer of VFactory) and Naturi Naughton (3LW) also includes newcomers like Walter Perez and Kherington Payne (formerly of So You Think You Can Dance) and seems as a result to be more realistic than most casts that look to approximate a high school crowd.

The amount of additional features that Fox had placed on both discs of the Fame set further increases the value of the release. This means that the second disc has an additional copy of the film which can be transferred out to one’s iPod, Zune, or other portable media players, where (aside from having the feature presentation) the bulk of the featurettes lie. The inclusion of a number of deleted scenes will provide viewers with further context for the film as well as an additional set of comparisons that can be made between the original and the remake, while the “Fame” music video is a fan addition to the feature and the deleted scenes. For those that are not too grounded with the back stories of the different characters, the “Remember My Name” section will ensure that all the purchase the set will understand whom is who.

The crowning piece of the set is an indepth expose into the different dances that make Fame from just a normal movie into the experience that it was in 1980 and it is now.
Few remakes are worth the film that they were shot on, but Kevin Tancharoen’s reimagining of Fame will fit in well for an audience that has been built up through years of So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, and similar shows of that ilk. Make sure that one bones up for the 2009 remake by watching the original, but I can honestly say that this 2 Blu-Ray set comes without any sort of strings in terms of purchase.

Rating: 7.9/10

Fame (Blu-Ray) / 2010 Fox / 107 Minutes / http://www.foxconnect.com

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