Family Guy – Something, Something, Something, Dark Side (DVD)

The first Family Guy special having to do with Star Wars was universally accepted and watched obsessively; it is not surprising then that the sequel, Something, Something, Something, Dark Side has some big shoes to fill. To do that, MacFarlane has went and added a new supporting cast of characters, which include Mort Goldman as Lando Calrissian and the evil Chicken as Boba Fett. As usual, MacFarlane does a hell of a job keeping (relatively) faithful to the original source material while keeping the humor decidedly in the Family Guy type of vein.

While a great number of individuals either never saw or were not fans of the original Star Wars trilogy (myself being one of them), I feel that these DVDs will garner additional interest in the films. Hell, even the “The Dark Side of Poster Art” will get more individuals to check out the trilogy, as well as being a tremendously compelling featurette. Where many individuals take cover art for granted, it takes a considerable amount of art to create a piece that both stays true to the original art as well as matches well with the humor conveyed by Family Guy.

The DVD version has a number of additional features that flesh out the Family Guy meets Star Wars experience. For those that want to see exactly where the Family Guy cast and crew can go in the future, there’s a sneak peek of “We Have A Bad Feeling About This” that will have all fans salivating eagerly. The audio commentary that is laid down is more of a panel than anything, with Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green, Kirker Butler (writer), Mark Hentlemann and David Goodman (producers) and director Dominic Polcino. The pop-up bits of information that can be put into the feature presentation is equally interesting, acting in many ways like a commentary without having to hear each member discuss their own story.

Rating: 8.0/10

Family Guy – Something, Something, Something, Dark Side (DVD) / 2009 Fox / 54 Minutes / /

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