Future of Forestry – Twilight (CD)

The wide-open compositions of Future of Forestry sound like a blend of current U2, Coldplay, and Delirious. The disc’s first track is “Open Wide”, and aside from the atmospheric guitar lines, one of the things that individuals can hear easier would have to be the active drums. While the track is not close to pop-rock forms, there are hints of the more United Kingdom-type approach to music that came up through The Charlatans and into Snow Patrol and the aforementioned Coldplay before going into Future of Forestry during their “Twilight”. “All I Want” is the next track,, and the band takes up a general sound that mixes Tool and System of a Down into the approach that opened up the disc, creating a furious sound that still has a tremendous amount of finesse to it.

The beginning of “Twilight” is a much more sedate approach for Future of Forestry, but the song is linked to the prior tracks due to the inclusion of ambient guitars and an ever-present type of bass. The band struggles to maintain relevance with this track, as it feels as if Future of Forestry is just getting quieter and quieter during this song, struggling not to wink out of existence at points. The composition is still strong, but it feels as if the band is suited more for the more rock-influenced tracks. The slower style is something that is present during the follow-up to “Twilight”, “Speak To Me Gently”. Where Future of Forestry could go and get listeners to be involved with a Goo Goo Dolls-esque sing along track, the slow tempo of this track is only saved by a melodramatic set of vocals. Futre of Forestry get back in the saddle for their “Thinking of You”, which recalls the Snow Patrol/Coldplay sound of the opening track while still having the slightly faster rock tempo of “All I Want”.

“Sunrising” is another track that operates in a relam created by the blending of Future of Forestry trends, this time sounding like a unification of Evans Blue and System of a Down more than anything else. Future of Forestry try to come up with their own sound with this album, and while they do not come up with anything that is completely revolutionary, their use of current threads in rock and pop music make for a solid album. “Twilight” should introduce listeners to Future of Forestry, and will undoubtedly get the band some fans. Top Tracks: Sunrising, Sacred Place

Rating: 6.0/10

Future of Forestry – Twilight / 2007 Credential / 12 Tracks / http://www.futureofforestry.com / http://www.myspace.com/credentialrecordings / Reviewed 09 March 2007


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