Gallucio – All For You (CD)

The sharp guitar line that starts out “California Jesus”, the first track on “All For You”, gives the disc a nice energy with which to work off of. This is needed, especially since Gallucio’s vocals during this track are a little bit slower (while still having an energy of their own, they are bolstered considerably by the guitar work). By the time the chorus hits, Gallucio creates the same type of rock that a band like KISS would do on their “Psycho Circus” album.

The album is hard hitting while still having hints of pop rock in it, and it is fresh while still having older styles present. It is the perfect style of music for both older and younger rock fans to sink their teeth into, and it is a combination of these two groups that continue to listen as Gallucio moves into eir second track of “All For You”, “Eye To The Sky”. “Eye To The Sky” is a track that removes some of the harder edges of “California Jesus”, but adds a Santana-like set of guitars to the track to make up for that deletion. The instrumentation again keeps the energy high; Gallucio has strung together two strong tracks to open up “All For You”. The drum beat that opens up “Everything Changes” does mark a change in the overall music, and also shows that Gallucio can do a slower track without losing the momentum that ey had created up to that point.

There seems to be a snowball thing going on, where the slower sound of the opening gradually goes faster until there is a gut-churning, quicker chorus immersing anyone that may be listening in. Again, as with the rest of the tracks on “All For You”, I would not be surprised if I heard the track on a rock station. “Take Me Down” adds a healthy heaping of nineties alternative rock and hints of country to the overall mix. The sound of this track is more along the lines of a Dishwalla, but Gallucio bounces back and forth between an older and newer style. If one is looking for good, traditional, but current rock, “All For You” is the perfect album. There is a high amount of replay on this disc, and Gallucio will undoubtedly come out with another album before this disc gets old in the slightest. Pick it up!

Top Tracks: Breakin’, The Choir

Rating: 6.9/10

Gallucio – All For You / 2007 Cornerless / 11 Tracks / / Reviewed 04 June 2007


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