The underground’s masters of sonic violence, GOMORAH have posted a video for the song “Exrement,” off of their MetalHit.com debut By The Means Of Violence online at http://www.vimeo.com/4766246 . The video, filmed by acclaimed director Scott Hansen (Bury Your Dead, We Were Gentlemen) is a four-minute display of visual brutality which perfectly captures the song’s bludgeoning essence. The band had this to say about the video,
“Shooting a music video is stuff that you dream about as kids and now that we’ve finally accomplished something we felt was so far fetched, we feel the possibilities for this band are endless! Scott was an awesome guy to shoot with and he helped get the most brutal video possible and brings out what the song is about. It shows a glimpse into the last moments of a schizophrenic serial-killer and the battle between one identity and the other. Once the realization is made that the two “people” is one person he thrives to take the life of his last victim…himself. It’s great to find someone who can take a concept out of thin air and turn it into such a complete visual and audio stimulating experience!”

P.S. “The next time your fog machine runs out don’t freak out!?!?! Just go grab a bottle of antifreeze, water that SOB down and you’ve got yourself a redneck fog machine!!”

Director Scott Hansen (www.shpro.tv) added the following comment, “It was a brutal shoot..in a good way…working with Gomorah was an awesome experience…its not every day your production van catches engine fire but we still came through and made a really sick video.”

Stills from the video shoot can be seen at www.myspace.com/gomorahmetal.

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