Green Police

We have covered a number of bands over the course of our last 12 years as a magazine, and I feel that the evolution of music over that time has been just as significant and as important as what has preceded it. Every day, there are tremendous amounts of new bands being formed and being found, and one of those bands are the Green Police. The one thing that needs to be known about the Green Police is that they are able to be one of those standard-carrying acts without being in the cultural meccas of New York City or Los Angeles. Rather, the members of the act all come from two very small cities in Oklahoma, and have largely been taught through a whole heaping of old punk vinyl.
Furthermore, they seem to be influenced by those acts that influenced the aforementioned punk acts, pulling forth the Beach Boys just as much as acts like Dick Dale. What results when individuals hear the Green Police then is an act that simultaneously exists in the past, present, and creates music for the future. Fans of all ages will be able to appreciate what they do with each track, and this appreciation will only grow whenever they can take a trip down to Oklahoma and can really see what is it that the Green Police are doing in a live format. So, make it a point to search out the band’s recording and the ability to see them live, and you will see exactly how special of an act that they truly are. Keep checking up on them every few months too, as you will be able to hear some amazing differences as the band continues to expand their sound and further craft their own unique approach. Check out the linked website as soon as you can.

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