Feb-04 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland #
Feb-11 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland %
Feb-18 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland &
Feb-27 San Francisco, CA Noise Pop
Mar-17 – Mar-20 Austin, TX SXSW
Mar-26 Brookdale, CA Historic Brookdale Lodge *
Mar-27 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall *
Mar-31 Eugene, OR Wow Hall *
Apr-01 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge *
Apr-02 Vancouver, BC Biltmore Cabaret *
Apr-03 Seattle, WA The Comet Tavern *

# = “An Evening of Bad Vibes” feat. The Dead Wasif, Mockingbirds
% = “An Evening of Faith Folk” feat. Imaad Acoustic set, Becky Stark, Voice on Tape
& = “An Evening of Cock Rock” feat. Imaad Wasif with Two Part Beast, Lou Barlow & the Missing Men, Avi Buffalo
* = w/ Dead Meadow


Imaad Wasif
The Voidist
(Tee Pee)
Street Date: Oct. 13, 2009

1. Redeemer
2. Priestess
3. Fangs
4. Widow Wing
5. Our Skulls
6. Return to You
7. The Hand of the Imposter
8. Daughter of Fire
9. Her Sorcery
10. Another
11. Razorlike



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