Lake Tahoe (DVD)

While Lake Tahoe is a film that seems to exist at the very edge of believability, director Fernando Eimbcke does a hell of a job putting just enough realism into the film to convince viewers that the events of Lake Tahoe could happen to them. The film surrounds Juan attempting to find a way to fix eir family’s car after crashing it into a telephone pole. Along the way, Juan meets up with a colorful cast of characters that include Don Heber – an older individual with a dog that bridges the line between animal and human and “The One Who Knows”, a mechanic that may just have the fix to Juan’s problems. All of the events occur over the space of a single day, and while Juan has to beat both mental and physical feet, eir is made all the more wise through these interactions.

There are a few extra features that further contextualize and flesh out the film, key of which has to be the podcast with Eimbcke. This podcast is structured in a Q&A format, allowing viewers to possibly see the film in a different light. The biographies that are present here are also a benefit, showcasing exactly how solid of performances all associated with Lake Tahoe had turned in. Finally, Film Movement has provided further value through the inclusion of the latest short from Jordan Feldman (1983’s That’s All Folks), Noodles.

Eimbcke eirself is fairly new to the film scene (Temporada de patos in 2004, and Perro que ladra in 2005), and Lake Tahoe should be seen as an early pinnacle to what will ultimately be a long and fruitful career in film. Check out the film at your local independent video store or pick it up online at .

Rating: 8.2/10

Lake Tahoe (DVD) / 2009 Film Movement / 78 Minutes /

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