Make It Or Break It: Volume One Extended Edition (DVD)

For those that have not seen the spectacle that is Make It Or Break It, it was originally aired on ABC Family in the middle of last year and was based on the incredibly competitive world of professional gymnastics. The different tensions that exist between members of the Kmetko , Cruz, and the various coaches, trainers, and other individuals of interest is what makes this show such a must-see. Where the characters themselves are super-human in terms of their own athletic ability, Make It Or Break It is a show that thrives in focusing on mundane happenings and making their resolution such interesting TV.

The DVD captures what has been presented viewers to this point, along with a number of additional features that will fill in any gaps that may still be there after finishing up the story line. “Making It” may just be the most informative of these additional features, as it goes into detail about exactly how hard some of the stunts are that seem to be so commonplace during the show. Coupled with that addition is a feature that has to be what most viewers originally purchased the DVD for – an extended length mid-season finale that was not aired on ABC Family.

This DVD represents a must buy for anyone that had missed the initial showing of the series, and will be a lifeline for getting into the show before the second half of the season gets started too much (the show began airing new episodes again on January 4th). The DVD capture of these episodes is at a quality that would be passable even for Blu-Ray, while the sound quality seems to me to be even more clear than its initial run on television.

Rating: 8.0/10

Make It Or Break It: Volume One Extended Edition (DVD) / 2009 ABC / 430 Minutes /

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