My Brain Hurts: Volume 2 (Zine)

My Brain Hurts is a tremendously interesting comic that largely does not require one having the first volume to enjoy. Liz Baillie, the creator, has created an overwhelming interesting set of individuals that are linked together in a timeless story (despite some hints – such as Midnight Dragon –being placed in the narrative). The artistic style is somewhat similar to Carrie McN’s Assassin and the Whiner and Zero Content (by Fly), while the different segments of this volume break the action quite well. Aside from the narrative itself, there are a few bonus features that further flesh out the story. This means that there is a “where are they now” type of closing, where grown-up drawings of each featured member are accompanied by a paragraph on what they are doing, while other pieces (such as the script, draft drawings, and the like) really create a fullness to this volume that will bring readers back for more. While the first volume of My Brain Hurts is not essential to properly understand the narrative at the beginning of this volume, purchasing the former will increase enjoyment of the latter. While some fans of books and zine narratives may shy away from anything in a comic format, I feel that Baillie’s work here is a great bridge between the styles. Pick it up today from Microcosm’s site or at your (well) stocked zine shop.

Rating: 8.5/10

My Brain Hurts: Volume 2 / 2009 Microcosm Publishing /

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