At A Loss Recordings metallians RAISE THE RED LANTERN hit the road this week on their way to join the later half of the ongoing Translation Loss Records Tour with Battlefields and City of Ships. The band also meet up with killer acts including Racebannon, Struck By Lightning, Chord and Mouth of the Architect along the way.

1/24/2010 Melody Inn – Indianapolis, IN w/ Coffinworm, Racebannon
1/25/2010 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH w/ Battlefields, City of Ships
1/26/2010 Carabar – Columbus, OH w/ Battlefields, City of Ships, Struck by Lightning,
1/27/2010 Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL w/ Chord, Battlefields
1/28/2010 The Afterdark – Steven’s Point, WI w/ Battlefields, City of Ships
1/29/2010 Eagles Nest – Milwaukee, WI w/ Mouth of the Architect, Northless, Savior For A Fallen Hero
1/30/2010 The Picador – Iowa City, IA w/ Snow Demon, Identity Crisis
2/13/2010 Elva’s – South Bend, IN w/ Mouth of the Architect

RAISE THE RED LANTERN’s self-titled full-length was released in October via At A Loss Recordings. Recorded in their hometown by Sanford Parker (Minsk, Nachtmystium), the unit have unleashed their most blistering release yet. A bombardment of metallic rock and roll riff shredding and distorted, low-end thunder, all topped with utterly savage throat-shredding bellows.

The members of RTRL also craft the almighty Emperor Custom Cabinets as used heavily by Pelican, Indian, Mouth of the Architect, High on Fire and countless other heavy acts.

“These guys already ‘put the fuck back in Memphis’ – now they’re bringing a little bit of Chicago soul to Southern sludge. They’ve taken raw sketches and sculpted them into qualified epics.” – Decibel

“…Raise the Red Lantern inevitably project a distinct nasty streak, equally prone to fits of metallic abandon à la High on Fire or Saviours as it is to relapses into the band members’ hardcore upbringing… – All Music Guide

“If you find yourself staring at the Emperor cabs of all of your favorite bands, yet you haven’t picked up a RTRL record, you should realize that you are the intended audience. Do yourself a favor and grab this.” – Lambgoat


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