Stellar Vector – A Flock of Cowards (CD)

“Buffalo Jump” is how many individuals will be introduced to Stellar Vector, and the band is able to take a very strong step forward with the song. The act bounces back and forth between hard rock (Static-X, Him, MSI) and an electronic approach to thinks. These two sides give Stellar Vector a unique sound that is further expounded upon with each subsequent track on “A Flock of Cowards”. “Lacking Self Control” is an oddly-paced track that further showcases the band’s experimental nature. Where there is a more carnival feel to pieces of the track, the rock side of the band touches upon Papa Roach and Buchcherry just as much as Ozzy Osbourne and Pink Floyd.

“A Flock of Cowards” takes another direction when “Will Sans Fear” begins. This means that the band links together goth, psychedelic, and new wave genres into a miniature epic that feeds nicely into the titular track. “The Flock of Cowards” trades in the psychedelic flair of “Will Sans Fear” for a sweater and thick-rimmed glasses; Stellar Vector moves into a Death Cab For Cutie type of emotive rock and keeps things fresh with a dollop of early-nineties alternative music. The variety of the different experiences on “A Flock of Cowards” will take listeners on a ride that continues until the end of “The Not So Hidden Song”, and is a true testament to how talented each member of the band truly is. “Fall-out” is an expansive bit of progressive rock that is of note not only because of how intense it may be, but because it really revitalizes what many think is a fairly dead genre.

The vocals on “Fall-out” struggle with the guitars for dominance, while the time-keeping drums become gradually more chaotic as the track spins on. Where listeners will be able to pull out a solid experience from a surface listen of “A Flock of Cowards”, Stellar Vector have hidden themselves in countless nooks and crannies that will only reveal themselves with continued listening. Pick this album up today.

Top Tracks: Buffalo Jump, Lacking Self Control

Rating: 8.5/10

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