Take It Back – Atrocities (CD)

Take It Back is an intense band, and from the beginning of their latest album, “Atrocities”, it is clue that they will blow your socks off. The stages are set with the introductory track, “The Beginning. Nothing”, which gradually comes to speed after some important musical footwork. “New Empire” works on every level, whether it be through the intricate and break-neck drums or the impassioned singing that glides above it. The act should draw parallels to acts like Strike Anywhere and early Rise Against, as they are able to tie in emotional appeals with tremendous musicianship and a hard-nosed political edge. “Lost Generation” is another hit in about the same vein, where the heavier edge is allowed to shine brightest.

Think Thought Riot or Raised Fist for a comparison. “A Reason To Scream” kicks things into an even faster gear, showing listeners that the band can keep their shit together even when they are going balls to the wall. “Minneapolis” keeps the mosh-worthy tempo going, with the drums taking a front and center type of position. Throughout each of “Atrocities”’ 10 cuts, a story is crafted that gets more compelling and fleshed out with each spin of the disc.

Few albums are able to keep the tempo and quality constant throughout, but Take It Back continues to top themselves with each subsequent track. Take It Back may have only been a viable act for a few years, but they are able to show a maturity well beyond the time that they’ve been a band. Check their CDs out whenever you have some time, and go to see them when they beat feet to your local venue.

Top Tracks: The Beginning. Nothing, What We’re Fighting For

Rating: 8.0/10

Take It Back – Atrocities / 2009 Facedown / 10 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/takeitbackar

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