The Beautiful Mothers to Play Benefit Concert in Tacoma on 2/6

Seattle post-punk band The Beautiful Mothers will be joining a bill that includes Nothing You’d Like, Zook, At:1, and headliner, My Life in Black and White, on February 6th at the recently re-located and re-vamped Hell’s Kitchen in Tacoma – now at 928 Pacific Avenue. Proceeds from the evening will be donated to families of the six slain police officers from the region. For more information or ticket purchase, please visit If you can’t make it, please consider making an online donation via

“We’re calling the event, “Stop the Madness.” I don’t think there’s much more I can say without sounding too preachy,” comments Mothers bass player and owner of local record label, Tsurumi Records, Jeff Davis.

The concert is a response to the insurgency of violence in the area against law enforcement officials with a plea for respect and peace within the community.

“It’s actually more a peace rally disguised as a benefit rock concert… and as the promoters of the February 6th show, we are well aware that our ability to affect the financial lives of the families of the fallen may be small potatoes compared to amazing job achieved by Papa Johns, Queensryche, Loaded, Snoqualmie Casino and many others in the community. But the focus isn’t so much about the money, it’s really about doing something-other than feeling unsafe, scared, angry, and helpless……its being part of the cause and affect of bringing about change,” explains Peggy Manaois Roxx of Plat pus Productions.

“When the call came in to see if My Life in Black and White could play the show to honor the fallen police officers and benefit their families, I didn’t even have to think about it, we were in. And although it might surprise some people we’re playing because our band is punk rock ascribing to much of the punk rock life-style, this isn’t really about all that. Those who know us know that my dad is a 25 year veteran police officer who graduated the academy the year I was born. There was no way I was going to miss this,” reports Dylan Summers, vocals for My Life in Black and White. “This is really a way to bring two parts of a community together and get them to better understand each other, punk rockers and law enforcement. It’s not cops against the community or cops against us….it’s their job and they’re just doing what we pay then to do. Cops work with the community to protect it and I am really proud of my dad, even if he and I haven’t always agreed, I respect what he does.”

This event is being sponsored by Hell’s Kitchen, Plat pus Productions, Saves Clothing, and Tsurumi Records. About Saves Clothing – Saves is a northwest based clothing company. we skate and snowboard street wear for the masses. You can learn more about Saves at and contact Saves at:

About Tsurumi Records – With a focus on releasing primarily vinyl recordings, Tsurumi Records has one simple goal: Release exciting music. In support of its artists and audience, Tsurumi is a record label dedicated to pressing, promoting, and selling records. Tsurumi is modeled on the good ol’ days when you could purchase an album without a sample listen simply because of the buyer’s trust in the label that released it. Tsurumi Records remains a trustworthy source for refreshing and interesting music. For more information on Tsurumi Records, please visit

About Plat pus Productions -Plat pus Productions was created in 2003 to address the issue of the increasing number of completed suicides by teens in Washington State and raise awareness of the need to educate teachers/parents in recognizing the red flags of a teen in trouble. In association with Youth Suicide Prevention of Washington, Plat pus Productions, produced and promoted all-ages rock shows, donating proceeds to YSPW. Although Plat pus Productions does not produce shows on a regular basis promoter, Peggy Manaois Roxx, was fortunate enough to have known Sgt Mark Renninger of Lakewood PD, one the 4 fallen officers. The devastation to her community and the grief of such an enormous loss has motivated Plat pus to reach out to the community again, this time with a message of peace and understanding.


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