Tom Gavornik – Acceleration (CD)

Very few people that have not “made it big” decide to create a 2-disc set. Well, Tom Gavornik is not big yet (a google search only brings up 2,350 hits), but “Acceleration” is a 2-disc set. The music that ey plays on tracks like “Requiem For A Broken Swing” is a little bit of Americana and a whole lot of jazz music. What results is something like a toothless Frank Zappa; a very laid-back, meandering approach to music that will work perfectly for the Weather Channel or individuals that are sitting and chilling at a coffee shop.

The one criticism that I have about “Acceleration” is that the tracks are too long for the style of music that Gavornik plays. Sure, the guitar work that ey lays down on a track is solid and interesting, but there seems to be a sense that ey goes back to the well one too many times during an eight minute track. Much more acceptable and interesting would be to break up the tracks up into different parts, or in the case of “Requiem For A Broken Swing”, perhaps cutting things to a close a little sooner. This is not necessarily the case during “Breeze In a Bottle”, as there seems to be more in the way of differentiation during this track.

There is nothing in the way of vocals for the vast majority of tracks on this double-disc set (save for Joan Gavornik’s vocals on “One Small Cup of Water” and “Six String Child”), but I would suggest that Gavornik either look into more vocals or differing types of instrumentation. The guitar noodling is interesting to a degree, but it seems as if there are not enough different approaches, styles, and arrangement to cover all the music on this album. As it is, Gavornik uses the same approaches a number of times during “Acceleration”, and while it adds to the cohesion of the disc, it does not seem as if individuals will want to sit through the entirety of this album. If you are a fan of this type of soft, smooth, and jazz-infused rock, perhaps pick up Gavornik’s album. I cannot suggest a purchase of “Acceleration” to anyone else that may be listening to what I have to say, though. Listen to samples of Gavornik’s next album and see if there is anything in the way of chance to eir approach.

Top Track: Six String Child

Rating: 4.0/10

Tom Gavornik – Acceleration / 2006 Self / 10 Tracks / / Reviewed 31 April 2007


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