Van Gogh Wild Appel (Vodka)

It has been a short while since we here at NeuFutur last had the opportunity to review a bottle of their Van Gogh Vodka. For those that missed out on this review, it is accessible at .

Anyways, we received a bottle of the Van Gogh Wild Appel just a few days back, and our reviewing core could not keep their hands off of it.
The initial uncorking of the bottle reveals a very feint apple scent that will remind imbibers of Jolly Ranchers and apple juice rather than some chemical extrapolation of the flavor.

Furthermore, the spirit is not colored, allowing the natural look of the vodka to stand on its own. When individuals are able to first taste the Wild Appel flavor, what will immediately hit is a taste that perfectly mollifies any alcohol taste, replacing it with the Apple while keeping the warming sensation present. The higher alcohol content of the Wild Appel (70 Proof) over most other flavored vodkas will likely keep individuals from doing straight shots, but I feel that this is an avenue that should be taken. The ease in which individuals will be able to take down three or four Wild Appel shots is dangerous, but showcases exactly how balanced of a spirit that the Van Gogh company has created.

However, where I feel that the Wild Appel shines the brightest would have to be in its versatility in mixed drinks. Of course, individuals can easily come up witht heir own version of an “Appletini” with the Wild Appel vodka, but a truly different drink is crafted when one places in Wild Appel in place of a normal vodka in a screwdriver or Long Island Iced Tea. While we here at NeuFutur have not had the opportunity to taste the entire Van Gogh line, nor have we experienced too much in the way of apple-flavored vodkas, we feel that the Wild Appel effort is one of the best flavored spirits that we have found in the early moments of 2010. Go down to your local liquor store today and see exactly what Wild Appel holds for you.

Rating: 8.6/10

Van Gogh Wild Appel (Vodka) / 70 Proof /

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