WOLVHAMMER To Record New Full-Length With Sanford Parker In Spring 2010

Formed in the coldest north of Minneapolis in April of 2009, the four wielders of the Wolvhammer were drawn together by both a shared love of Celtic Frost, EyeHateGod, Motorhead, and Bathory, and a shared disdain for the corrupt, decaying capitalist society that confronted them each day. Drummer H. R. recalls,

“We wanted to take the things we loved about old school black metal/post-punk/hardcore/doom/rock and infuse that into something truly honest. No bullshit Satanism or sensationalism, just pure honest hatred for religion, capitalism, politics, sheep mentality and typical human behaviour. We wanted to write simple, memorable, and truly hate-filled metal anthems for ourselves and all the other blue collar, working poor, and generally unsatisfied people who are looking for something raw and classic as soundtrack to rise up and fight the status quo around them in any way they see fit to do. Whether you decide to speak up or just completely turn your back on the world, this is for us and all the other people out there that know we’ve been lied too, and no matter what may have been promised, know that we’re all still being lied too. There is no hope.”

Wolvhammer recently inked a deal in blood with up-and-coming label Init Records (Battlefields, Høst, Hewhocorrupts, Melt Banana), and have already begun plotting their next move. On April 15th, 2010, the unholy quartet will be entering Semaphore Studios in Chicago with renowned producer Sanford Parker (Pelican, Nachtmystium, Rwake, Yakuza) to record their debut full length, which will be entitled “The Black Marketeers of World War III.” An East Coast/Southern tour is being planned, as well as European live actions down the line.

Following the self-release of their feral debut EP Rich With Bloodfuel, Wolvhammer teamed up with brother-in-harm Rob Schmidt of Battlefields, who engineered the disgustingly catchy, sludge-infused, crusted-over black metal on their second EP, Dawn of the 4th. Both EPs are available as free downloads at this location – enter at your own risk! http://wolvhammer.blogspot.com/

And as for the band name? H.R. sums it up neatly with, “We wanted to sound like Celtic Frost; we are wolves among sheep.”


R.M. – Discordance

M.L. – Devastation

H.R. – Battery

A.S. – Artillery






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